To place an order you simply need to click on the plant you are interested in; this will open up a new page giving much more detail including size and number options together with prices. The default position is that the option is available unless shown as out of stock. Select the combination you require and click the Add to Basket button. When you have added all the required items, check your basket, amend if necessary and proceed through the payment process. As of July 2020 there is a minimum order value of £15.00. Once the order has been confirmed and paid it is not possible to change it. If you have made a major mistake then please let us know immediately and we will do our best to rectify it.


We normally aim to dispatch within 2-4 working days, not counting weekend days or bank holidays as there is no postal or carrier service on those days.

If you don’t want us to send the plants straight away, please don’t place your order without contacting us first. Notes on the order regarding specific times or days when delivery can be accepted will be disregarded.

Shortages or damage must be reported promptly please; mistakes do sometimes happen and we will do our very best to rectify these as soon as possible. Please send us a photo of any damage or unacceptable plants.

All delivery services are still under considerable pressure due to driver shortages, so please be aware that some parcels may be delayed. We always confirm dispatch on the day it happens so that you know when to expect delivery, but this is not a guarantee of next day delivery. APC parcels can be tracked, but not Royal Mail ones. Our plants are packed to last at least a week without deterioration so please do not contact us about delays until this time has passed, there is nothing we can do about it once they have left anyway. If you cannot accept up to a week transit time then please do not order.

PLANT SIZE AND FORMAT DESCRIPTIONS: (all plants come with labels)

This is our speciality and is by far the best value format. These plants cost typically about half as much as the potted equivalent, and since potted plants still need to be knocked out of their pots and repotted into bigger ones, it really makes no sense to spend twice as much on them.

It comprises a plant of an equivalent size to that you would plant in a P9 to 1 litre size pot, which is a mature plant which can be expected to flower the same year if ordered at least a month before its normal flowering period. The actual physical size will vary greatly according to the species and the time of year, some plants are tiny (e.g. Anagallis and Baldellia), and others much larger, like reed mace and irises. I recommend that they are potted into a minimum of a 2 litre mesh pot; even larger for taller plants. Baskets for bare root plants need to be purchased separately; see Baskets and Sundries.

Bare Root water lilies are sold as equivalent to that planted in a 3 litre pot unless otherwise stated and should be planted in a 3 litre or larger pot. Some lilies are offered in smaller sizes and this is self explanatory.

These comprise typically 8-10 strands held together with a small lead weight strip, ready for potting or placing directly in the pond. Some oxygenators, eg  Ranunculus hederaceus, are supplied loose, as they are too short to bunch. At certain times of year when some oxygenators are brittle they will be supplied loose and not bunched.

Floating plants like frogbit are sold as portions; early in the season frogbit plants are tiny and portions will seem small. Later on, once they get going, portion sizes will look more generous. All floating plants take up nutrients and provide surface cover, helping with the battle against algae, however please note that a single frogbit plant bought in June will not solve your algae problem on its own!

These are plants rooted and established in a solid black 9x9x9cm pot with label. This is a starter size pot and they will typically need to be immediately potted on into larger mesh pots, unless being planted direct into soil or gravel. I recommend using at least a 2 litre sized pot in most cases and generally prefer 5 litre pots to give stability and sufficient nutrients for a fast growing healthy plant.

These are even more substantial plants rooted into a one litre square mesh pot with label. They can often remain in these pots for the current season but will need to be potted on and/or divided the following year. Taller and bulkier varieties eg Lythrum and Pontederia will benefit from being potted on immediately into bigger pots for growth and stability.

These are delivered in 3 litre pots with a handle and label, and can be simply lowered into the depth appropriate to the variety. They are mature, rooted, flowering sized plants and will flower the same season, provided that summer is not already over! (Lilies in smaller sizes such as 1 litre may take one or more further seasons of growth before flowering).

Some plants are available in sizes other than standard, e.g. 2 litre pots or 3 litre pots. Moisture loving plants will be rooted in black solid pots of the size described. Marginal plants will be rooted in black mesh pots of the size described. Both options will be cut back for boxing and shipment if the plants are tall, new growth will soon be produced.

Plants will be securely wrapped in a damp medium inside a waterproof outer bag, then boxed. FOR OUR RECYCLING POLICY PLEASE VIEW THE “ABOUT US” PAGE. Smaller orders containing only bare root plants are sent by ordinary first class post. This is NOT a guaranteed next day service, but the vast majority arrive next day. Larger orders and any potted plants are usually sent by carrier. It is quite possible that there will be more than one parcel and these may arrive at different times, so please do not call to report a shortage until the normal four working day time period has elapsed. If you live in a remote location then I prefer to send on a Tuesday to avoid the possibility of parcels spending the weekend in a depot, so if you have ordered early in the week they may not arrive until later the following week.

If nobody is at the delivery address to receive delivery there is the possibility that the parcel may be returned to the depot, or worse stolen. We have now experienced several instances of porch pirates stealing parcels left by the front door. There is nothing I can do about this, and delays caused by failed delivery attempts are not my responsibility. However, for parcels over 2kg the default instruction is for the carrier, usually APC, to leave the parcel in a safe location unless otherwise instructed by you. I cannot be responsible for the security of any parcels left in this way. Parcels under 2kg are sent by Royal Mail, and if you have trained your postie properly then all will be well. Please remember that we don’t deliver every parcel personally, nor can I write long detailed instructions on the side of the parcel to instruct the delivery driver in how to find your house! The instructions panel for APC is restricted to 24 characters.


We are now operating a two tier system for carriage charges, which means that those ordering a reasonable number of plants will benefit from the postage cap. I do not expect to make a profit from postage charges; they simply reflect the actual cost of getting plants to you in first class condition. I actually bear a loss on carriage on most orders.

Orders of bare root plants and baskets smaller than 3 litres to most UK destinations will have a single postage charge of £5.90, irrespective of the size of the order. I do not send to non UK addresses due to the prohibitive cost and long transport times. Orders containing any potted plants or empty baskets of 3 litres and over will be charged at £9.90. This is a self select choice so please choose appropriately! If you order potted plants or larger baskets, but select the lower postage rate, this will prevent your order from being processed promptly and we will have to contact you for further payment. If only one potted plant is involved, we will send the plant bare root and credit the difference in price.

Click and Collect is now available at no packing cost on weekdays only, you will need to contact us to arrange this at the time of placing your order. Orders must be collected within 7 days of placement of order, regrettably we can not hold orders back. Currently the nursery is closed due to Covid restrictions so Click and Collect is temporarily unavailable.

Surcharges are automatically applied to orders sent to Highlands and Islands, some other Scottish postcodes, offshore islands including Channel Islands and some Northern Ireland postcodes. These additional charges are made by APC, not me, so don’t ask me why! If your order weighs under 2kg and can go by Royal Mail, please contact me first as it will cost less. If you have already paid the excess without noticing, don’t worry as I will refund excess carriage immediately upon notification of the error.

If you live in one of these locations it is most helpful if you contact me before ordering so that I can explain your options and the cost involved.

I am very happy to quote for large orders, where discounts may be available, please also see the Trade and On Sale pages for current discounts.


No Quibble Guarantee

It is my earnest wish that you are more than satisfied with my plants and to this end I guarantee that if you are unhappy with any plant you may return it promptly for replacement or refund, not including original postage costs. If there is a problem, we will ask for a photo, taken as soon as the parcel arrives. I feel that if you receive a good sized healthy plant, then my part of the bargain is fulfilled; I cannot be expected to be responsible for failure of plants months after delivery. This is not a lifetime guarantee!