Here we have assembled some pictures to help inspire you to create a successful pond, together with some useful ideas, hints and tips on pond construction.


Bog garden planting: A mixture of leaf sizes, shapes and textures complement the fiery red of Lobelia fulgens and softer pinks of Lythrum, together with a specimen Inula racemosa.

Foliage interest: Here the principal interest is from foliage, with purple accents in the Ligularia picking up on the Cotinus and foxglove and a variety of leaf shapes and textures.

Moisture loving plants: large groups always provide a better show than lots of singular plants.


AP Pond shows an uninspiring sea of mud created by ducks transformed into a wildlife haven bursting with colour and life. Planting scheme and plants supplied by us. Don’t ask what happened to the ducks……

H pond shows before and after pics; planting scheme and plants supplied by us.

Informal pond shows a well-executed and understated scheme using mostly foliage and hard landscaping rather than a riot of colour.

Our display pond was created in Spring 2015; the main pond area is well covered with surface leaves of lilies and water soldiers, giving excellent water quality and no blanket weed. The backdrop of grasses and dogwoods gives fantastic winter interest when all the herbaceous plants in the pond have died back.


Equisetum architectural planting – masses of plants have been used here to achieve the effect. Costly but undeniably striking.

Marginal planting pictures illustrate the innumerable ways that foliage can be used to achieve a lush look.
Peltiphyllum and moth: Believe it or not I didn’t even notice the moth when taking this picture, but it is a source of wonder to me.

Succisa with bee and butterfly: Devil’s bit scabious is one of the best food plants there is, it’s always plastered with bees and butterflies and it flowers late, when most others have gone, a very useful trait.
Zantedeschia: The massed white trumpets seem luminous in this shady corner, an effect that seems to magnify at dusk.


These pictures show a step by step guide to making a medium to large pond with integral bog garden.

This is a section of the pond, showing liner continuous under the whole area but soil level in bog area higher than water level. This is critical. Natural pond construction: Here the client wanted a gravel base so that the pond remained clear for swimming, final water level is where the gravel meets the turf and planting was direct into the gravel.