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Nymphaea Moorei


Nymphaea Moorei is a compact variety, the primrose yellow flowers are set against green leaves splashed with maroon flecks.

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Nymphaea Odorata Alba


Nymphaea Odorata Alba has scented white flowers and green leaves and an odorata type tuber.

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Nymphaea Odorata Firecrest


Nymphaea Odorata Firecrest has lovely scented flowers of a mid pink and petals that lie widely open.

Nymphaea Paul Hariot


Nymphaea Paul Hariot is a changeable lily with maroon spotted green leaves and flowers that open apricot and darken to peach.

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Nymphaea Perry’s Double White


Nymphaea Perry’s Double White is a rarely offered variety with lovely pure white double flowers and olive green foliage.

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Nymphaea Perry’s Fire Opal


Nymphaea Perry’s Fire Opal has a unique coloured flower that sets this one apart, it is double and almost fluorescent magenta.

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Nymphaea Pink Peony


Nymphaea Pink Peony is a medium pink variety with fragrant paeony shaped flowers and bright green foliage.