Pygmy Lilies

Are very tiny and only suitable for shallow containers in full sun with little or no competition. Plant with 10-20cm of water over the crown and use 2 litre baskets. Not recommended for beginners as they are weak and can be quite tricky. For small garden ponds you would almost certainly be better advised to choose a Small lily.

Small Lilies

Perfect for small and shallow ponds and should be planted 20-40cm deep in 3 to 5 litre baskets. Will cover about 0.5 metre squared in 2 years.

Medium Lilies

These suit the majority of garden ponds and should be planted 30-50cm deep in 3 to 10 litre baskets. These will cover about 1 msq in 2 years

Large Lilies

These are big varieties suitable for naturalising in earth bottomed ponds and lakes or large 25-40 litre baskets in big liner ponds. These are suitable for 60-100cm depth and will cover 2-3 msq in 2 years.

Budget Lilies

Are mostly derived from pond clearance jobs, so it can be assumed that they will generally be fairly vigorous medium or large types – we don’t know the actual variety, just the colour. Where the colour is also unknown the lily is sold as “Lucky Dip” and will be the cheapest option. Budget lilies represent an economical solution if you’re not fussy about the exact variety.

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