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Please read the plentiful information on the Information pages before phoning, especially the faq’s.

I am very happy to discuss your requirements in detail with no obligation. Brief email queries will be answered promptly, but if you have a lot of questions you will need to telephone me. I am rarely near the landline phone during normal working hours so please call between 6.30-7.30 am or 7.30-9.00 pm for the best chance of catching me. I will gladly call back landline numbers if you ring at these times and miss me, but not mobile numbers, as the call can cost more than the value of the order. I will in this case text, asking you to call at the times above. While I carry a mobile phone, I cannot always answer as I am generally wet and muddy, driving, and/or dealing with other customers during working hours.

My phone details will appear on your screen for a short time once you have filled in and sent the contact form. The number will also appear on the automatic response when you send the form correctly filled in with your email address. I apologise for the cloak and dagger system, but without it I get very many spam calls and spend my whole life on the telephone answering questions that are dealt with on my Information pages.

We regret that we will not be open for visits in 2022. Orders may be collected from the nursery by arrangement, but there will be no browsing or sales on site, all orders must be placed online.


If you would like advice, please read the FAQs on the Information tab.

Alternatively, contact us using the enquiry form >>>

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