I supply to Universities, National Trust and RHS in addition to many garden attractions and am often asked for prices for large planting schemes, which I am pleased to do.

Prices for x 3 and x 10 plants are generally shown on the main listings and these include VAT at the prevailing rate, currently 20%. If you are VAT registered you can reclaim this portion. These prices generally allow a discount of roughly 10% and 20% respectively. I generally do not apply further blanket discounts on whole orders since the postage cap itself results in a further discount; clearly I cannot send several hundred pounds’ worth of plants for £5.90. I offer the best price I can while maintaining my reputation for quality and service.

MASSIVE DISCOUNTS (That got your attention, didn’t it?!) …..are never likely to be offered. We produce high quality plants with an excellent service and as a small specialist producer our margins are very modest. We’re not like kitchen and furniture companies that first double the price and then pretend to give 50% discount. Further discounts are sometimes available at x50 and x250 levels for the more common native plants. In addition, I can offer the best prices for forward orders; I keep large stocks of the more common plants but some notice may be required for very large numbers. I can offer the best prices for big orders in late Winter/early Spring, since this is when we do most of our splitting and propagation; once plants have been divided and replanted the labour has had to be paid for regardless of how long they have been growing in their new locations. The longer notice I have, the better price I can usually offer. Rare and unusual plants are not available in large quantities and are not discounted.

For orders valued at £1000.00 and above please contact me for an individual quotation without obligation. Postage and packing on large trade orders priced individually will not be charged at the rates shown on the ordering page but will be specifically quoted for. I promise that I do not make any margin on carriage of plants but just charge the actual cost of box and postage/carrier.

A suggested list of plants can normally be supplied free of charge if I am supplied with a section and plan of the planting area, photos are extremely useful too. This sort of work is necessarily done when I am not too busy with sales, so may take some time to produce.

Complete planting plans can be produced outside of our busiest period, which is March to June, and there is a charge for this, please enquire.

Breeders mixes are seed grown plants of the stated species or genus and will comprise a good variety of different colours and/or forms. They represent an economical way to plant up larger areas with an interesting variety. Lost label plants are similar and include a variety of species and hybrids from the stated genus. These latter are only generally available out of flowering season, as once they flower I can label them correctly and charge appropriately for them!


I regret that I am not a wholesaler and cannot offer a regular delivery service to shops and garden centres. My plants are sold on the basis that the customer is the end user and as a result I have elected not to join the Plant Passporting scheme, which is a monumental waste of time and money creating a huge amount of extra paperwork and nuisance. I therefore am not authorised to issue plant passports. I am registered with the Animal and Plant Health Authority number 129111. I am also registered with PEACH and my VAT registration number is 364158489.

Customer Reviews

What Our Customers Say

Mr TV 22.03.19

Hello David,
Just to let you know that the plants arrived at 10.15am this morning and they were in excellent condition. The plants are now in our pond. I expect that we may order more in the future.

Mr A F 28th May 2020

Just to let you know that my order arrived today around lunchtime.
The plants all look in very good condition and are larger than those that I have purchased from another supplier so I am very pleased with them, thank you. It’s a pity that Devon Pond Plants didn’t appear on any of the many searches that I made over the last couple of months otherwise I would have bought them all from you but at least I now know.

Mr P N 22nd March 2021

I couldn’t recommend ‘Devon Pond Plants’ too highly. The plants took a week to get here, but the wait was worth it. Everything was of the highest quality; individually and painstakingly wrapped, and of generous proportions. The value for money makes it a no-brainer not to use any other supplier-as David promised; far superior to anything off Ebay! The pond pots worked out less than half the price of any on Ebay, and each plant came with a label containing information on how to plant, and about the plants themselves. I’ve every confidence that my two ponds will be looking great in no time. I was also given help and guidance before finalising my order. All-in-all; superb!

Mrs EM 05.04.19

Dear Mr Kerr
Thank you, our plants arrived today and look in fine condition and we are very pleased with the selection. Your website is most informative, and I hope we can keep in touch if we have any problems or send you photos of our success!
Thank you again for your excellent service.

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