Devon Pond Plants

Customer Reviews

MRS P R – 11 June 2024

My box arrived safely this afternoon. The plants themselves are in lovely condition, I can see the care you took packing them with wet newspapers etc. You have taken more trouble than some of the big nurseries do and the plants have travelled well as a consequence, so thank you.

MRS A D – 16 May 2024

I’m very pleased to say that my plants have arrived safely and I was tremendously impressed by how well they were packed. To my (inexpert) the eye the plants look extremely healthy and I look forward to seeing how they develop.

I must thank you also for your highly informative book ‘Ponds: A Practical Guide to Design, Construction and Planting’. I made a close study before placing my order, so hope to do the plants justice – one can only hope that I was a good student.

MRS C T – 24 April 2024

Just a courtesy email to let you know that the plants arrived in fabulous condition.

MRS L P – 24 April 2024

I just wanted to drop you a quick email to let you know that I’ve today received my pond plants and could not be happier. The quality and quantity of the plants have exceeded my expectations. Very impressed with how well they were packaged and the courier company’s communication.

Thank you, and I’ll definitely be recommending your website to friends.

MR D F – 12 April 2024

Thank you for your swift service with my order. I am extremely delighted with the plants supplied, they all had very good root systems and are now potted up and in their new home.

I will have no hesitation in recommending your services, and if I want any pond supplies in future, your website will be my first port of call as I found the information very useful and you service excellent.

MR R W – 9 April 2024

Well – what can I say!?!… about your most excellent service?!!…

I am delighted to confirm that my plants arrived this morning (approx 10am) amazing, given that your E-mail of 5:48 pm yesterday evening stated that the package would be dispatched shortly!!

So, the rapid transit was certainly impressive – I’m sure that you can imagine that, due to the Irish Sea Border – or whatever… we in Northern Ireland often experience haphazard deliveries!

The obvious care taken to package the plants is appreciated – being wrapped in damp paper, they arrived in good & healthy condition. We wasted no time however and all are planted in our pond – ready to flourish!

Many thanks again for your prompt and efficient service.

MRS B E – 2 April 2024

Thank you for your email update on delivery of my order; everything arrived on time and in excellent condition.  This is my first order from your company and I am thrilled with the plants in every way. I will certainly consider you for my pond plants in the future and will recommend you to others looking for aquatic plants.

Many thanks for such a hassle free transaction, swift service and plants that are in excellent condition, true to their sales description and well packaged.

MR P F – 2 March 2024

Hi David,

The plants were delivered yesterday afternoon and I managed, despite the heavy rain, to plant all 40 of them before nightfall! You kindly warned me that some of plants at this time of year would be in their dormant stage and to expect some brown or yellow leaves and that their “kerb appeal would be low”. To my delight all the plants were in an excellent condition with no discoloured leaves in sight. All the dormant plants had good root structure. In summary the “pond side appeal”was great!

I also appreciated the very informative labels which came with the plants. The planting itself was greatly assisted by the excellent information and advice you have provided, both on your website and in your superb book.

Communication, ordering, packaging and delivery were all straight forward, prompt and efficient. Devon Pond Plants have provided me with a wonderful service. I am now hoping the spring weather will be as good.

Many thanks,


MR L T – 18 July 2023

I received the plants this morning and they are perfect. I don’t think I have ever seen pond plants of such high quality. I would be more than happy to recommend your company and will certainly be ordering from you in the future.

MRS L D – 29 March 2023

Great plants, great advice, great website, great delivery.
All round, a brilliant shopping experience.
Many thanks

MRS S L – 19 October 2022

Hi David,
Thank you so much for your truly outstanding service! My plants arrived days earlier than I anticipated; in perfect condition. Fortunately I’m having a day off, so new Iris were planted in situ within 10 mins of arrival. I hope the frogs love them as much as their predecessors!
Thank you for your user friendly plant guidance. I am a delighted customer!

MR R K – 15 October 2022

I have just penned a quick thank you note to your company because it is always a pleasure to deal with you.

You are now my favourite supplier for wildlife pond projects and I very much appreciate the quality of the plants that you provide.

Your method of packing and shipping are also first rate in my book.

Thank you for the personal e-mail and I look forward to place a number of orders in the early spring.

MRS M C – 9 September 2022

Thankyou for my order it arrived in good condition well chuffed with my plants.

MRS J O – 5 September 2022

Our delivery has arrived safely – beautifully packed – thank you!
We have decided to enlarge the wild planting around our pond. We were delighted with the plants you provided 2 years ago all of which are growing well.
Many thanks again for strong, healthy plants which will, I am sure, thrive.

MR B W – 17 May 2022

I was staggered by the amount of care and attention that has been given to your sending the large box containing the 21 pots of absolutely superb plants that I ordered. If I ever need more for my small boggy garden I will definitely come back to you.

MR P W – 06 May 2022

Pleased to report that the parcel was safely delivered by Royal Mail yesterday.Expectations exceede in terms of quality of service.Very helpful information on website regarding plant choices,and easy to complete an order.Prompt acknowledgement appreciated,and plants were very well wrapped ready for planting.Overall,an excellent service-thank you !!

MRS F V – 20 April 2022

We received our plants today. Thank you, they all look good to me and were packaged really well. Pond plants are new to us so we’re learning.

I really love your website and the information on each plant and the way you’ve written it, I referred back to it when we were planting them.

Also, appreciate your email to say that it has been sent. Really excellent service and so pleased that I found you after lots of research online. I will be back for more plants, just seeing how successful we are with these ones.

MRS K H – 08 April 2022

Hi David

I have received my pond plants today thank you really pleased with them beautifully packed lovely healthy plants some of the best I have received from buying offline fantastic updates on delivery will definitely be ordering from you again

MRS J W – 18 March 2022

Thanks once again for another delivery of my order this week. 😊

All the new plants look as fabulous as ever – the ones I got from you last summer have all survived the winter and are just beginning to burst into life! – cant wait to see them in their glory this year!

Mr R O – 8th February 2022

We received the plants today, very fast service. The plants were far superior to others we have purchased for our pond from other suppliers, both in quality and quantity. So thank you very much.

Mr W J – 13th January 2022

Hi David,

The plants arrived yesterday nicely packaged. The plants are great, well rooted, and ready to get going when spring arrives. Thanks again.

Kind regards

Mr C B – 11th January 2022

Hi David
Plants arrived as forcaste. 5* packing with a good strong box, well supported with ‘ repurposed’ polystyrene.
Both plants in lovely condition and now duly planted in their new homes.
PS greatly appreciated the level of communication – a rare quality in these online purchase times – all the best for the future

Mr J A – 11th January 2022

Hi David.
Great service! Posted yesterday delivered and planted by 2pm today!!
Healthy plants and bonus runners, thanks for those.
Good advice and communication.
I’m really pleased with Devon Pond Plants, can’t see how you could improve things.
Thanks and regards

Mr A L – 6th September 2021

Thank You for the plants very well packaged arrived with Royal mail on good that you packed them so well with slight delay in pond is only just finished and I was putting some more plants in yesterday when a huge female southern Hawker dragon fly arrived..she stayed about 30 mins flying around and laying her eggs ..she even landed on me twice! excited to see the pond mature next spring with my fabulous plants.

Mrs M F – 22nd August 2021

Hi David, sorry for taking so long to get back to you after such a brilliant delivery.

The plants arrived when you said they would, they were in beautiful healthy condition and really well packed, I’m really pleased. They were very well packed and survived the journey. There were better specimens than I had expected and they are all in the ground now and doing very well so far.

I am not much of a gardener and my new pond is a bit of a project for me and I am working in the dark a bit so the information on the plants themselves was very helpful.

I wouldn’t hesitate to buy from you again. Very any thanks to you all!

Mr J G 13th May 2021

Hi David

Thank you very much for the delivery of plants, earlier than expected.

I really want to tell you how impressed we are.

The quality of the plants are far and beyond anything we’ve seen from any previous vendors. We’ve experienced the “scraps of vegetation” type through to some reputable big garden brands offering pond plants. Nothing comes close.

I know you are extremely busy at the moment so I don’t expect you to remember our previous photos or phone call, but our little project was to convert one end of our pond that had been filled in with pebbles forming a beach -supposedly ornamental but unattractive and sterile, in my view.

Anyway, we were inspired by your “Happy Bog Plant” drawing, and have created our own little mini-bog – about 4 sq m.

Take a look at the photos and you will see the bog plants from your pack all settling in and starting to thrive already. We are so pleased, and excited to watch this develop further in the coming weeks.

Thank you & your team so much.

Kind regards
JG 13.05.21

Mrs M P 21st April 2021

I have just received my order and wow what amazing condition the plants are in. I have over the years used many companies for plants both pond and others but I have never received anything so carefully packed or in such amazing condition. Thank you so much. I was recommended to use you by my daughters and I understand completely why she was so excited when her order arrived.
Thank you

Mr P N 22nd March 2021

I couldn’t recommend ‘Devon Pond Plants’ too highly. The plants took a week to get here, but the wait was worth it. Everything was of the highest quality; individually and painstakingly wrapped, and of generous proportions. The value for money makes it a no-brainer not to use any other supplier-as David promised; far superior to anything off Ebay! The pond pots worked out less than half the price of any on Ebay, and each plant came with a label containing information on how to plant, and about the plants themselves. I’ve every confidence that my two ponds will be looking great in no time. I was also given help and guidance before finalising my order. All-in-all; superb!

Mr A H 4th September 2020

Dear Mr Kerr, My small order arrived quickly & safely yesterday. It is for a “pondette” which is a plastic planter of aboutb2ft.x14″!!. I am 84 & my gardening days are about over so as I wanted to put in an aid to the frogs, toads & newts which we have it had to be manageable from a mobility scooter. My daughter will install it for me.So, I regret I will not be ordering much more from you. However, I must tell you how impressed I am by your enterprise—your web-site is beautifully put together and your product range very good. Everything was very businesslike & informative. I was in business for fifty years and over recent years have despaired about the casual, take-it-or-leave-it attitude which has become the norm. I will certainly pass your name on to interested parties hereabouts. Thank you, . Best wishes & prosperity to you

Mr M C 14th May 2020

My plants arrived this morning and are in tip top condition! – Thank you, I will be ordering further plants once these have had a chance to establish … I’ve also passed your details on to several people in and around Plymouth saying what an excellent service and quality your plants are so hopefully you should get some more local orders.

Ms J H 12TH May 2020

Well, all I can say is that the plants arrived and I was so pleased I have never had such good quality plants on-line before. I will certainly be recommending you to everyone, and if we ever manage to earn any money in the future I will be back for more plants. All planted up and looking good.
Once again thankyou

Mr C M 12th May 2020

Thanks, I’ve received the plants – that was quick! I’ve left them packed up for now and plan to plant them this afternoon after work. I’m assuming they’ll be okay until then. Everything looks well packed so I’m sure they’ll be fine – if I plant them right. 🙂 I’m very happy with your responsiveness to my emails and phone calls, you’ve been very helpful.
Best regards

Mr J P 7th May 2020

Received the plants yesterday and was seriously impressed. Plants in beautiful condition with vigorous roots and all looking keen to romp away once potted up. They were carefully packed with obvious love and care and consequently did not suffer in the post at all. Thank you so much – I won’t be buying pond plants from anywhere else in future.
All the best

Mr M T 6th May 2020

Thank you so much for the plants.
I received them today and in pristine condition and will recommend you and your business to others for an incredible service in these difficult and challenging times I thank you again

Mr G H 2nd May 2020

I received my plants this morning and they have arrived in immaculate condition due to the superb packaging. I have been buying pond plants over the last 20 years from various e-bay sellers and on-line shops and I have to say these are by far the best size and quality I have ever seen,
Stay safe and keep up the good work

Ms R P 5th May 2020

Parcel arrived yesterday; plants are just fab. Thanks for all the advice on which plants to buy. This was our first order of ponds plants and very happy with how big and healthy they were. Many thanks

Ms G C 29th April 2020

Just to let you know plants arrived safely in the post today and placed them both in the pond.
Plants well packaged, very pleased with the umbrella grass, understand with the lesser water plantain emerging from dormancy but have high hopes and great expectations. Already has given the new pond a thoroughly natural look. Was very happy with your website, I had a good idea what I wanted, with the information readily supplied by yourself – could see and understand exactly what to expect. Made a good decision based on that, thank you very much! This is why I chose to get my two plants all the way from yourself at Beautiful Devon, glad I did. Wouldn’t hesitate to do it again in the future, too.
Again, many thanks

Ms P L 29th April 2020

Just to let you know that my plants arrived today at lunchtime. They were beautifully packaged and were in perfect condition, they have been potted up and put into the pond. Thank you for taking so much trouble with them, I am very impressed with you service.
Kind regards

Ms E R 29th April 2020

The plants have turned up this morning and I am delighted with the quality of all of them and the very speedy delivery.

Ms S W 29th April 2020

Just wanted to say that my pond plants arrived today and I am very pleased with them.
Very good quality. Really looking forward to potting them up now and getting them in my pond. Thank you so much

Mr H K 30th April 2020

The plants arrived in very good condition. They are now in the pond. I was extremely pleased with your service and will be ordering again next spring. Thank you.

Mr J R 1st May 2020

Just to confirm that the order arrived safely this morning and I have potted it all up and it’s all in the pond already! Most of the items looked pretty good seeing as they have been in the post since Monday so I am hopeful there are no casualties. I also want to say I am really impressed by your business; you have a great website that is easy to use, excellent range of plants and choice of sizes, prices are excellent and your personal communication is fantastic.
Thanks again

Ms P G 30th April 2020

Plants arrived first thing this morning. Very happy with them – expectations exceeded.
Packed very well so no damage at all. Not even soil spillage. Hope to plant them before
the thunder storm arrives.
Thanks so much.
Kind regards

Mr D K 30th April 2020

The plants arrived this AM and are now in situ in the pond. I am delighted with these and it is evident that you take great care in propagation and delivery. They were fresh, moist and healthy. Thank you for your care.

Ms A E 23rd April 2020

Order arrived. Took 3 days but plants all fine and delighted with them. Thank you for brilliant service at such difficult time.

Ms J S 21st April 2020

My plants arrived yesterday safe and well, the water soldiers limped off across the pond looking a bit sorry for themselves, no doubt they will perk up once they have recovered from the journey(!). Thank you very much, I would like to say that they exceeded expectations, but you have excelled as always, so they are merely up to standard…
Thank You

Mr D J 21st April 2020

The plants have just arrived and look brilliant. Hoping to get them in the pond as soon as I’ve finished work! The packaging was great and they’re very clearly labelled. I was recommended Devon Plants by my mum who said she was really impressed and so my expectations were high and you’ve definitely met / exceeded them! I really wasn’t expecting delivery so promptly given the current situation and delays with postage. Many thanks – will enjoy planting these and watching our pond develop

Mr A C 23rd April 2020

Our plants arrived this morning, in very good condition. Some have been planted already. The driver was well-mannered and followed his distancing instructions. Thanks for a very good service, in trying conditions.
Best wishes

Ms J K 24th April 2020

Very many thanks. The order arrived before lunch today and the plants are in first class condition. Will leave good feedback.
Best wishes

Mr J B 16th April 2020

I am pleased to let you know that I have received my pond plants in super quick time and they were in great shape. Many thanks for this great service and working at such a time as this. Please can I also say that I find your website to be quite unique compared to other pond plant websites because of the advice and insight you offer which I can tell is based on a huge amount of experience. As a pond “newbie” your advice makes deciding which plants to try so much easier! I’ll definitely be back for more although not for a little while so that you can get through your mountain of orders. I look forward to being in touch in the near future.

Mr N S 24th April 2020

The water lily was delivered on Wednesday. The courier observed all the correct social distancing procedures and the package was well protected and in good condition.
It’s now ensconced in our pond and looking extremely happy!
Thanks for your good service and we will recommend you to our friends.
Kind regards

Ms R M 24th April 2020

The parcel arrived safely yesterday. All the plants look good and were planted straightaway. Better quality and quantity than another supplier from whom I bought last year, thank you!

Mr P E 26th April 2020

Many thanks for the plants which arrived promptly. We were very pleased with them indeed and felt you had been generous in selecting specimens with good growth of roots. We planted them right away, and are watching them bed themselves in and start to stand upright. We will be placing another order when I have had time to dig out the other half of our completely overgrown water garden.
Kind regards

Mr B C 16th April 2020

Received the plants today thank you. Excellent service & next day delivery. Pleased with plants. Your website and labels are very good and planting instructions for all my plants good. However not absolutely sure how to deal with Bogbean. Floats or planted. Will try planting. Thanks for great service. Looks like I just got my order in in time!
Now to plant.

Ms L L 17th April 2020

Thank you so much for despatching the plants so quickly, particularly when you are so busy, and in such excellent condition. They arrived safely yesterday, but I was then too busy planting them to get back to you immediately.
All are now safely in our new pond and bog garden, and today’s rain is helping them to settle in. Thank you again for such wonderful service, and an excellently written and personal website. I will be in touch again when we start on the next bog garden.
Best wishes

Ms V L 15th April 2020

My plants arrived this morning in perfect condition. They have exceeded my expectations. One by one all safely potted up in the shade and have found new homes. Thank you so much, this is a difficult time and gardening is a welcome distraction. I will bore you with some pictures later in the season.
kind regards and great thanks

Ms S B 16th April 2020

I’ve received the delivery yesterday, well packed in perfect condition. Thank you so much for your prompt delivery in this challenging situation.

Ms L B 16th April 2020

Your parcel has just arrived and the plants are great.
Thank you for a quick turnaround and hopefully we can come up and choose the plants for the next pond we hope to get done soon. (Depends if we can hand dig this Devon red soil… Otherwise we are waiting until we can hire a digger again!!!)
Thanks again

Ms M W 16th April 2020

Just to confirm that my order arrived today and that I am thrilled with the condition of the plants. They were lovingly packed and I look forward to the plants enhancing the look of the pond and hopefully attracting wildlife.
Thank you

Ms S H 16th April 2020

Plants arrived safe, well and in good condition. They are now in the pond.
Thank you, much appreciated in this difficult time

Ms J Y 16th April 2020

I received the plants the morning, they are in great shape and great quality and exceeded my expectations.
Thank you. I am sure they will settle in quickly.

Mr P D 17th April 2020

I received your, sorry, my plants in immaculate condition. I have ordered from you before last year and my expectations were more than met. You were recommended to me by a colleague Linda Blakely, and I have not been disappointed.
Thank you

Ms Y V 16th April 2020

All received in good condition. Lovely plants and very well packed.
Thanks a lot

Mr B D 16th April 2020

All received in good condition. Lovely plants and very well packed.
Thanks a lot

Ms A S 16th April 2020

We received our order earlier today and we are very pleased with the plants thank you, they look lovely and healthy.
Many thanks,

Ms L L 17th April 2020

Plants have arrived in excellent condition. I’ve never ordered plants online before and wasn’t sure what to expect, but will certainly do so again as they have exceeded my expectations. Your carriage costs are very good too.
Thanks again.

Ms Karen Rich 17th April 2020

We received the plants this morning in superb condition and are really pleased with the plants you sent. The packaging was excellent, you’ve obviously done this before!
They are now planted in the pond and garden and we are looking forward to seeing them flourish…hopefully.
We will definitely be recommending you to our neighbour and will know where to come in future.
Many thanks,

Mr J H 16t h April 2020

My Xiafei arrived in excellent condition. Thanks for such great service.
Ms P M 11th April 2020
Arrived about 15.10 and all plants looking very good – as with my previous orders.

Ms M C 8th April 2020

My plants have arrived today and they are in excellent condition.
I must say they are much more generous clumps than I anticipated
Many Thanks

Ms J M 8th April 2020

I’m thrilled with my plants, thank you very much. Delivered a short while ago & all looking very fresh. They are now potted up in appropriate soil (I happened to have) in appropriate pots & in the pond. Your packaging was all intact & secure, no damage whatsoever!

Ms S R 7th April 2020

Just to say the plants have arrived today all in good order. Thank you for an excellent service, especially at this difficult time, it’s much appreciated.
Best wishes

Mr A L 3rd April 2020

Brilliant, in the present situation. Complete and in good order. All plants now potted and in their intended locations. No problems. Could not be bettered -THANKS.

Ms A D 4th April 2020

Thank you plants all arrived safely and in great condition. Thank you, excellent specimens once again. Hope you stay safe and well.
Kindest Regards

Ms A B 7th April 2020

The parcel arrived promptly the next day, in perfect condition. My water lily is now happily the centrepiece of my small pond. Many thanks for such a fantastic service.
Kind regards

Mr J B 3rd April 2020

The order has arrived today and all seems to be in order. The plants look in excellent condition. Thanks for such prompt service. I will certainly recommend your website to anyone else I know who has a pond!
Kind regards

Ms V G 2nd April 2020

Thank you so much for your prompt service, wonderful service, as the parcel has already arrived safely this morning. The plants all look wonderful, I will so enjoy putting them in my wildlife pond before the frogspawn hatches.
I shall certainly turn to your company again if I need to in the future.

Mr M C 2nd April 2020

Thanks so much for the quick turnaround on this order, particularly given the current extraordinary circumstances.
The plants look great, too, and really healthy.
Really looking forward to the Frogbit coming in stock so I can finalise the planting-up of my pond.
Many thanks again,

Mr S L 4th April 2020

They arrived safely last week and I had help in getting them into the pond on the day of arrival. Thanks for sending me generous clumps of many plants – all looked in great health and I am very happy with them all. I bought a wide range of plants from you a number of years ago and was really pleased with how they developed so was happy to order from you again. Once I build my bog garden, I will be back in touch to order these plants also.
Many thanks and kind regards

Ms L W 31st March 2020

Thank you SO much for the plants. They arrived safely today and it is obvious that you have
Taken great love and care with them. We will look forward to watching them flourish.
We will be back.
Kind regards

Mr T E 30th March 2020

Thank you very much for ensuring the plants you sent me where well packed. They arrived safely Saturday morning and I was surprised how well developed they were. I wasn’t expecting such well-established plants!

Mr R H 27th March 2020

My parcel arrived at 11 pm this morning and I spent a couple of hours immediately planting up and getting them into the pond.
I really want to say a big thank you for the speed in which they were despatched but also congratulate you on the quality of plants and care of wrapping. I am really excited that my winter project is now coming to fruition.
I will definitely want to order other items from you in the future, but for now I will let everything settle and get established.
Many thanks once again,

Mr R G 26th March 2020

Well David top marks for delivery, quality and customer care! I thought the plants were going to be like new-born chickens, all skin and bone. However, to my amazement they had green leaves and even early flowers.
I note the emphasis on customers being patient, allowing time for the plants to stabilise and get going.
So, I will come back later and report my findings.
I truly wish you well and will buy more later.

Ms J S 26th March 2020

Thank you very much, the parcel has already arrived! I was all prepared for 4pm and a message popped up on my computer to say it had already been delivered.
The plants are lovely, they greatly exceed ordinary standards from elsewhere and are in A1 condition

Mr R S 26th March 2020

All in good condition and now planted. Very happy with the plants, thanks.

Ms R W 26th March 2020

Thank you so much, our plants arrived safely today and we have put them in our new nature pond.
Great service and speedy delivery
Thanks again

Mr R H 26th March 2020

All plants received safely today. All in very good condition, packaged well, so no negative feedback whatsoever. Very pleased.
Many thanks

Mr P W 27th March 2020

I safely received my plant order yesterday. All the plants were ok, they were well packaged. I was really pleased with the plants; they are a good size and look healthy. I’d use your nursery again.

Mr W G 24th March 2020

I received my order of assorted pond plants today and as well as confirming delivery, I also wanted to thank you for the excellent quality plants.
I have ordered rootstock plants from another supplier previously and the difference between then and now is incredible. All of the plants you have sent me were well packaged, in excellent condition and extremely healthy looking. To say I am happy with them all is an understatement and I am now looking forward to them all growing well and thriving during the summer to come.
Many thanks

Mr C N 27th March 2020

The plants arrived safely a couple of days ago in perfect moist condition. Thanks for that, really good service. They are now in their baskets ready to do their stuff later in the spring.

Mrs A I 16th March 2020

I received the above order today. All the plants are in excellent condition, thank you for such prompt service.

Mr D B 11th March 2020

All plants received and have been planted in our new pond.
Thanks for a quick and excellent service. Plants arrived in great condition – will definitely use your nursery again.

Ms C H 11th March 2020

Thank you for my order that arrived today. I am delighted with the quality of the plants that you sent!

Ms J N 5th March 2020

Ten very healthy Primula pulverulenta plants have just arrived. What an excellent service, thank you very much.

Mr I Y 19th May 2020

Our plants we ordered from your company arrived today. We are really pleased with them, well packed and very healthy plants.
Many thanks for your excellent service.

Ms R M 15th May 2020

I received my pond plants this morning and can I just say how over the moon I am!! Super happy with the quality- all arrived healthy and I’m astounded at the value for money. I cannot believe I have paid so much for potted pond plants previously. I will definitely order from you again and will fully recommend you to others, I’m off to plant them now

Ms S S 16th April 2020

Our plants arrived safe and sound just now and look very healthy indeed. Wonderful to see some flowers on a couple of them too. Looking forward to getting them planted up today.
Thank you very much indeed

Mr D J 5th March 2020

Thank you so much for my order. What excellent service you provide. I had my plants next day 4/3/20 which I found exceptional considering I placed my order with you on the 3/3/20.
The plants are of excellent quality and size considering we are only just coming out of the dormant season. They were well wrapped and in and well packaged.
Thank You so much for your service.

Ms K S 1ST May 2020

I have been very pleased with the service and my order.
Your website is a delight to use, clear and informative.
I was able to choose just what was right for my new pond.
Your pricing structure enabled me to get just what I wanted.
The delivery was overnight as described with no problems.
The plants were well packed and in good condition and clearly labelled.
They are now in the pond and recovering quickly and look good.

Ms A J 21st May 2020

I received my plants today and am delighted; they are all in excellent condition and will be a lovely addition to my pond. You’ve provided a great and fast service; thank you so much!

Mr T G 22nd May 2020

Plants arrived today. All fantastic. Indeed, so much so I’ll send you a picture tomorrow of the contrast between your plants and two I ordered via a well-known nursery. The comparison is shocking. I was having difficulty finding this particular variety. I’m a full-on gardener, in whatever time I get free and I’ll certainly check out your web page to see if you stock what I’m looking for from now on.
Many thanks

Ms M P 22nd May 2020

I am pleased to report that we received the boxes today! What lovely quality plants! And beautifully packaged! Super pleased and looking forward to planting them!
Many thanks

Ms K C 28th May 2020

Just to let you know that our order arrived safely this afternoon, all the plants are healthy and I’m very impressed with the quality of the plants – much larger and healthier specimens than we’ve received from other suppliers recently! We will definitely order from you again.

Mr A F 28th May 2020

Just to let you know that my order arrived today around lunchtime.
The plants all look in very good condition and are larger than those that I have purchased from another supplier so I am very pleased with them, thank you. It’s a pity that Devon Pond Plants didn’t appear on any of the many searches that I made over the last couple of months otherwise I would have bought them all from you but at least I now know.

Mrs A F 24th May 2020

Thank you for the fantastic consignment of plants that arrived yesterday, they are now all safely ensconced in their new home!
Every aspect of your service, from the information and range of plants on the website, to the speed of response, quality, value for money and delivery is outstanding. I shall certainly use Devon Pond Plants for anything I need in the future and will highly recommend you to friends and family.

Mrs V M 9th May 2020

I made some time last night to go through your website in more detail. I just wanted to say that for someone who knows absolutely nothing about ponds or plants it’s really informative, well written & easy to understand. I’ve ordered the pond pack with confidence now!
Thank you!

Mr S C 27th May 2020

The order arrived today and I’ve just spent the evening along with a few thousand mosquito’s planting. Very happy with the plants and very happy that you’re not very good at counting! I’m a professional gardener, I’ve built / planted countless ponds over the years and have always happily used local suppliers for the plants. I only looked further afield due to the current lockdown, was very impressed with your range and website and noted that some of your comments on certain plants mirrored and matched my own experiences with them! So, ordered with you and I’m very pleased that I did and will have no hesitation in using you again. Thanks again

Mr P D 9th April 2020

Just a quick note to confirm receipt of my plants earlier today. Very pleased with the plants which look healthy and robust.

Mr I H 5th April 2020

Thanks for the plants – excellent – and they arrived well packed promptly next day. Appreciated your advice on the ‘phone also. I’ll be in contact with you soon about another order. Thanks again

Mrs J B 20th April 2020

Thank you very much
I am very pleased with the plants that I received, they are really well grown and have perked up straight away.
Many thanks

Mr A B 19th March 2020

Just to confirm the order arrived safely and all the plants are fine.
Thank you, they are so much better than the selections at local retailers.

Ms A D 13th March 2020

Thank you very much for my plants which arrived today. It’s great the way you separated them with their own information cards, too many times people just throw stuff in a box so it’s a case of guessing what’s what.
Great quality plants and a great service will definitely shop again.

Ms S G 18TH March 2020

Thank you very much for my plants which arrived today. It’s great the way you separated them with their own information cards, too many times people just throw stuff in a box so it’s a case of guessing what’s what.
Great quality plants and a great service will definitely shop again.

Mrs RC 22.05.19

Dear David,

This is just to let you know that my order arrived yesterday and I planted them out immediately. I was very impressed with the quality of the plants and the careful way they were packed. Overall the prompt turnaround with my order and the quality of my plants definitely exceeded my expectations.

This is my first attempt at water gardening, so I’m very much looking forward to seeing the plants become established.

Dr S C 25.05.19

Dear David,

Just to confirm that the plant order arrived safely, on time and with all plants in good condition – we’ve planted them all up and will probably be ordering a few more now we can see where the gaps are!

Many thanks for excellent service.

LP 02.07.19

Dear David
I received my order from Devon Pond Plants today. I cannot believe the high quality of the plants. They are so different to anything I have ever ordered on line before. Beautifully damp and well packed. it was a delight to open the box. I am certain that if they do not flourish it will not be the plants at fault but the inept gardener!!
Thank you so much for sending exactly what you promised and very speedily!

Many thanks again

Mr ER 21.05.19

Just received my plants, thank you for the speedy service, plants look in great condition and will be planting them this afternoon.

Mrs LR 21.05.19

Hi David,

Yes the plants have arrived safely and look lovely – they are just having a little drink.
I really like to recycled packaging. So lovely.

I look forward to them blooming next to our pond!

Mrs SG 21.05.19

Dear David,

I have received my order today and am very pleased with it. The plants are lovely and all arrived safely, looking very fresh.

Mr & Mrs PB 17.05.19

Good Afternoon

Just to let you know plants have arrived safely and look lovely. Now planted and enjoying a light drizzle on Dartmoor.

Mr SA 15.05.19

Hi David

Delivery arrived perfectly on time and in very good condition, now all planted out and looking good. Fingers crossed they all take and add even further to the pond.

Mr IC 14.05.19

All our plants have arrived. They are all in excellent condition. Thanks very much.

Mrs KM 14.05.19

Hi David

Many thanks for my plants – they arrived safely today, and are now in their new home – I look forward to watching them thrive !

Mrs KS 19.05.19

Hi David,

Thank you for your email, your plants arrived safely and looked great. The email from you was a lovely touch!

I hope you are having a good weekend and thank you again.

Mr SC 15.05.19

Good evening

The Firecrest water lilly arrived safely and we are pleased with the speed of delivery and the quality of the plant.

MR DC 08.05.19

Hi David,

The plants arrived promptly and in very good condition. There were in fact a few rooting sections so it was more than I was expecting. They all look fresh and are already in my pond. Very good service!

Mrs EP 08.05.19

Dear David,

The plants arrived safely today. All in good condition and much bigger than I was expecting so that was a pleasant surprise. All are planted up and in the pond!

Mrs PS 03.05.19

Plants all received in good condition yesterday (Thursday) and are now in my pond! Many thanks for your good service

Mrs CM 24.04.19

Dear David

Plants have arrived in good order and have been placed in pond. Thank you very much for excellent service.

Mr LP 08.05.19

Good afternoon David

I’m pleased to confirm safe receipt of the plants they arrived earlier today thank you.
They look lovely and healthy and I’m sure that I’ll get many years of future enjoyment from them.

It has been a pleasure doing business with you.

MR ES 09.05.19

Hello David

The plants came this morning – well packed and of a goodly size with plenty of roots.
They are now cosy in their watery basket beds and having a nap after an exhausting journey from one end of the country to t’other. ?

Many many thanks again for your professional approach to filling my order. Shame that this does not happen more often.

Should anybody else that I know who wishes pond plants I will certainly recommend Devon Pond Plants.

Mr BC 24.04.19

Hello David

The plants arrived this morning. All of the plants are excellent and i am very pleased.

Mr MS 25.04.19

Dear Mr Kerr

Thank you for your recent delivery. All received in good order and now placed in my pond together with others previously purchased from your firm. I am looking forward to watching them develop.

Mrs SB 08.05.19

Hi David

Just to confirm that the pond plants arrived in good order this morning and have been planted out in the midst of a thunderstorm! Fingers crossed they’ll do well. Thank you for all your help with my queries and prompt delivery.

Mr DR 24.04.19

The plants arrived safely this morning. The plants look superb. Thank you

Mrs WS 24.04.19

Hello David

Just to let you know that my order has arrived safely this morning. The plants are in lovely condition and I am sure the hornwort will green up once the weather warms up. I used your service last year and was very pleased with my plants. We moved to Cumbria in February and I did not hesitate to buy from you again.

Many thanks for your excellent service.

Mr SH 25.04.19

Really nice plants, thoughtfully packed. Nice to see such care taken. Many thanks indeed.

Mr MT 24.04.19

Hi David

The plants arrived safe and well, and I must say that they are lovely specimens!
Just for your records, and in no way out of complaint, there had been a slight leak in the smaller box, and the corner was soft. Nothing was harmed though, and it’s just one of those things.

I will definitely buy from you again once the bog area is completed for planting

Mrs KM 24.04.19


Sorry I haven’t responded sooner to say all plants arrived as expected and in perfect condition. Really impressed thank you.

Mrs AD 24.04.19

Hello David

Just to let you know that I have received box 2 of 2 today with the Persicaria amphibia and Sweet scented rush. They were well packed and look in really good condition. Just still waiting for box 1 of 2 with the rest of the order and will let you know when they arrive.
Looking forward to planting….just waiting for the rain to go!

Mr TS 18.04.19

All safely received and planted out this afternoon/evening!

The only comment I have as a non-pond expert is that I get confused with some of the oxygenators in particular whether they are meant to be thrown in loose into the pond or planted (in a basket in my case). Maybe this could be included on the label?

The plants came in great condition and we’re looking forward to seeing them grow!

Mrs CW 19.04.19

Good morning David

Thank you for sending the plants so quickly, they arrived safely on the 17th looking to be in excellent condition.

I will place a further order for some marginals in a few weeks time.

Mrs CH 23.04.19

Sorry for late reply, yes all plants arrived safely and on time and have all been planted, and overall I’m delighted, thank you so much!

Mrs JT 16.04.19

I received my order of nice looking healthy plants promptly and they were planted the same day. All is looking good so far.

Mr MR 16.04.19

Hi David
Plant’s arrived this morning. Everything was fine. Excellent service from yourselves.

Mrs TE 18.04.19

Thank you, plants received yesterday and all look great! Hopefully I’ll get them planted today.

Mrs MB 12.04.19

Dear David

The plants arrived this morning, which was a lot faster than I expected. All seem to be in great condition and of a generous size. I hope to get them planted this Easter. For now they are sitting in shallow water.

Mr NH 12.04.19

Hi David

Just to confirm that my order has arrived safely. The Primulas and Astilbes are now planted and seem to be very happy in their new home.

Looking forward to purchasing some more plants in the near future

Mr SA 12.04.19

Hi David, all arrived next day and now planted up. They look excellent and much larger/greener than expected for the time of year – it must be warmer in Devon than here!

Mr MS 12.04.19

Good afternoon David Just an update to let you know that the plants you supplied are all happy and doing well in Portugal. Lots of pads and flowers as our handyman there describes them. Looking forward to seeing again when we return at the end of next week.

Mrs FA 15.04.19

Dear David,

Sorry to be so slow in letting you know that, incredibly, the plants made it to Highland Scotland last Wednesday, the day after they left Devon! Since then I have been VERY busy planting them all.

They all seemed in excellent condition, a generous amount of plant material, and none of those horrid sharp-edged plastic pots or heavy clay plugs which are so difficult to extract them from. I just hope they enjoy the soil I’ve provided and their new, somewhat chillier, home!

Many thanks.

Mr AC 11.04.19

Dear David

Thanks very much for the plants received safely today. They really are top quality and very pleased with them. The Iris are really good plants.

Mrs TH 11.04.19

Hi David,

My pond plants arrived safely and are already enjoying life in their new home. I think your service, and plants are great. Loads of information and the advice I got from you last year was really helpful. I just needed some more plants this time as I have made the pond bigger!

Mrs JB 11.04.19

Dear Sir

Thank you for my order received safely yesterday afternoon. Very happy with the plants, packaging and delivery time.

Thanking you

Mrs HK 11.04.19

Dear David
My order arrived safely this morning, beautifully packed with lovely, heathy looking plants. Again, you exceeded expectations! Spectacular service.
Since you ask, there’s just one thing that would have helped my pond building confidence. Your website is a wealth of very helpful information. But for those of us wishing to minimise plastic, I wonder if you might feel it appropriate to include some guidelines on planting a lined pond with plants in bags, home-made or otherwise? My efforts appear to have worked, but I’m not sure my bags are big enough for example, and I don’t have an aquatic pot of known size to compare them to. The longer plants, like brooklime, proved somewhat challenging, as I wasn’t sure whether all the roots needed to be in soil or whether some free floating ones would be OK (as it happens, I used socks which accommodated most of the roots and the plants currently look happy). Also, there was much debate in this household around suitable materials. Just a thought.
Many thanks again for the wonderful plants

Mr AB 07.04.19

Hi there,
Plants arrived safely the next day I think, well packaged and labelled. Very useful planting advice on your website, also excellent choice of plants. The plants were of good quality and the fact they are bare rooted saved on money and posting, all now happily planted up in my new pond and big garden.

Mr AM 09.04.19

Hi David,

My plant order arrived today and the package was placed behind the wheelie bins, as requested. I usually request that parcels be left there so as not to have my neighbours bothered.

The parcel was unpacked and I’m delighted with the plants you have sent, both in beautiful condition and looking sturdy…thank you. I will definitely be ordering from you again.

Mrs HJ 10.04.19

Just to let you know that my pond plants arrived on time and in excellent condition – thank you. They have now joined the pond plant collection that I purchased from you in Spring 2017 which continues to thrive.

Mrs PA 06.04.19

Thank you David
The plants arrived in superb condition and I am very pleased with them.

Mr AM 09.04.19

Hi David,

My plant order arrived today and the package was placed behind the wheelie bins, as requested. I usually request that parcels be left there so as not to have my neighbours bothered.

The parcel was unpacked and I’m delighted with the plants you have sent, both in beautiful condition and looking sturdy…thank you. I will definitely be ordering from you again.

Mrs HJ 10.04.19

Just to let you know that my pond plants arrived on time and in excellent condition – thank you. They have now joined the pond plant collection that I purchased from you in Spring 2017 which continues to thrive.

Mrs HG 06.04.19

Dear David,
The plants arrived safe and well on Thursday and are now planted up in large baskets in my pond. They looked in excellent condition to me, and I look forward to them growing well this year.

Mr TO 05.04.19

Thank you for the order came very quick and in perfect condition they are more advanced than the ones we have been buying over the years.we will be putting them in the pool this weekend then if we need more we will contact you once again thank you.

Mrs PM 10.04.19

Good morning David,
My plants arrived yesterday in excellent condition, thank you. I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of growth and vigour so early in the season, also the detailed information on your website. Look forward to growing them on, and hope they don’t get too much of a shock from their move north!
We are helping a friend with a new pond soon so I will definitely recommending your services, Many thanks

Mr GY 09.04.19

Hi David,
Order received, and all plants are present and correct. Thanks for the quick service, I wasn’t expecting the plants to be so far along, so I was pleasantly surprised by how much growth there was.

Mrs LD 09.04.19

Dear Mr Kerr
The plants were delivered today. Great packaging and lovely plants. Thank you very much.

Mrs EM 05.04.19

Dear Mr Kerr
Thank you, our plants arrived today and look in fine condition and we are very pleased with the selection. Your website is most informative, and I hope we can keep in touch if we have any problems or send you photos of our success!
Thank you again for your excellent service.

Mr MS 09.04.19

Dear Mr Kerr
Thank you for delivery of my order, which arrived safely today. I look forward to their enhancing my fairly new pond and may come back to you from time to time when I need further additions. I thought your website with its advice was very helpful.

Mrs RG 02.04.19

Thank you DavidThe plants arrived safely today and they look great. As it is so cold I am not sure whether to plant them out straight away or to leave it for a couple of days. How long should they be ok packaged for?

Mrs SW 05.04.19

Hello, my plants arrived today, they were packaged really well and I’m impressed with the quick delivery. Many thanks, I am now looking forward to seeing them grow!

Mrs KS 31.03.19

Dear David
Thank you for fulfilling my recent order. The plants arrived in peak condition, perfectly safe in their packs as usual: you really have got it down to a fine art!
They are planted in my new pond and getting their growth organised in their new situation. Thanks for the handy planting tips on your website: Potentilla palustris is a bit baffling to know how to plant but hopefully it will take successfully.
The plants I bought from you for my other pond last year have responded in surprising ways to their new home: given your warning about the ‘picky’ habitat preferences of Fontinalis antpyretica I had accepted that it may not survive in my pond. I was completely wrong as it absolutely loves it and bloomed into huge cushion-like colonies occupying a high percentage of the water volume. Similarly, a tiny stray wisp of milfoil that happened to arrive clinging to a bit of newspaper, so I tossed it in anyway, is now the dominant oxygenator. Hippuris vulgaris abandoned the shallow margins where I planted it and set off happily for deep water. Amphibious bistort absolutely hated my pond and died forthwith. Never a dull moment! Many thanks for supplying the best water plants out there. I wouldn’t buy from anyone else.

Pieter 02.04.19

Hello David
This is a belated email to confirm that the plants we ordered arrived last Friday, in excellent condition. Anke planted them in our new pond on the same day, and was very impressed with quality.

Mr DS 04.04.19

Dear David
This is to confirm receipt of the package of plants and baskets yesterday. Many thanks!
The plants are in excellent condition, robust and healthy. They are very well packed and labelled. I am more than delighted.

Mr GF 29.03.19

Dear Mr. Kerr
Thanks for your email. The pond plants arrived safely today and they have all now been planted. I was very pleased with the plants which all looked very healthy and disease-free: all were well-packed and there was no damage in transit. I have followed your advice for the planting substrate in aquatic containers, using a good proportion of horticultural grit mixed with sieved topsoil: I think the plants will do well in that medium.
Although there is good information on your website, if all of the planting labels also had planting instructions/planting depth/growing information (some labels did have that info.), that would be a helpful reminder when you are actually in the pond in your waders trying to sort out a number of damp poly bags containing different species!

Mr OGS 28.03.19

Dear David
Thank you very much for the pond plants which arrived a while ago. Apologies for the delay in replying. I have been away for a few days.
They are all of excellent quality and I am confident they will settle into their new home quickly and provide us with many hours of pleasure in the years to come.

Mrs JJ 03.04.19

Hi there
My plants arrived today and I am more than pleased with quality and service.
I would not hesitate to recommend you to others.

Mrs GC 03.04.19

Dear David
The plants arrived safely yesterday, well packed and in good condition.
I look forward to getting them planted.

Mr AB 27.03.19

Received with thanks, all planted up, liked the way they were wrapped to keep them wet lovely plants thank you.

Mrs ER 21.03.19

Hi David, plants arrived and are fabulous thank you

Mrs GW 27.03.19

Hello, plants have all arrived and looking good!
Thanks for sending them out so quickly

Mrs VW 20.03.19

Dear David
Just a note to say we received the plants yesterday – very well wrapped and still moist in their packaging – they’re all in the ground / pond and I am very happy with them. Thank you for excellent customer service.

Mr BS 27.03.19

Plants arrived this morning. All look in great condition. Will be ordering again when I start to plant the new bog and marginal gardens

Mrs CC 27.03.19

Dear David,

Thank you so much for my order of pond plants, they have arrived safely. I am excited to get them all in their pots and into the pond. Thank you so much for your expert advice, always good to know it’s there.

Mr GW 13.03.19

Hello David
Just a quick note to thank you for the plants – lovely quality and well packed – just the job!
This was my first order with you and I’ll send others as required.
I am now retired and new to ponds and it helps to have a supplier that I can rely on for good service and advice.
Thanks again

JR 26.03.19

Dear David,
Just to let you know plants arrived safely today. They had been packaged well so that they were all moist with no damage, and labels very helpful. I look forward to seeing them maturing over the coming years and enjoying their new home.

Mr GW 13.03.19

Hello David
Just a quick note to thank you for the plants – lovely quality and well packed – just the job!
This was my first order with you and I’ll send others as required.
I am now retired and new to ponds and it helps to have a supplier that I can rely on for good service and advice.
Thanks again

KT 26.03.19

Hi David
Received my order today and I’m very happy with the plants and the way they were packaged, thank you. I particularly like that the vast majority of labels include details such as planting depth and full height/spread – things one can look up, obviously, but an easier experience when the info is to hand. Kind regards Mrs

Mr IC 20.03.19

Hi there. Our order arrived yesterday in good condition. We are very pleased with the condition of all the plants and the speed of delivery. We will be using you again. Again thanks.

Mrs JW 12.03.19

Thank you, the plants arrived today, safely and in fine condition, very pleasing.

Mr TV 22.03.19

Hello David,
Just to let you know that the plants arrived at 10.15am this morning and they were in excellent condition. The plants are now in our pond. I expect that we may order more in the future.

Mrs BC 19.03.19

Hello David,
I have two very happy clients . . . they say the pond plants we ordered arrived in immaculate condition. They are all planted up now and looking really healthy. Thank you so much for all your help in making this possible.

Mr DJ 19.03.19

Hi David,
Plant arrived on time and in great condition. Appreciate the great service and will recommend you to friends!

Mrs SW 26.02.19

Hello David
The plants arrived this morning thank you and have been planted in our wildlife pond!
I was very pleased with the plants, they arrived in good condition and I found the plant information very helpful.
I will definitely purchase plants from yourself in the future.

Mrs SA 15.03.19

Thank you all arrived safely. Excellent service. I look forward to planting them.

Mrs PT 12.03.19

Hi David

Primulas arrived safely this morning and look to be fine, healthy plants.
Thank you.

Mrs KN 26.02.19

Hi David
Plants have just arrived and look splendid! Great service! Thank you (and the post office!) I haven’t unpacked them yet but they look strong and healthy.

Mrs JS 03.03.19

Received on Friday, excellent as always many thanks

Mr SL 07.03.19

All good, items received.Decent plants, very pleased. Thanks David.

Mrs EL 02.03.19

Dear David,
Thank you for your email. All the plants arrived very well packed and all look healthy.

Mr AG Aug 2016

Sorry for a late reply The plants are fantastic. Great size well packaged and labelled. Fast delivery too….many many thanks

Mrs L W 08.02.19

Dear Mr Kerr
Yes, I did find the site easy to navigate and was kept informed of the progress of my order. The site is well laid out, the photos are clear and the descriptions are very informative. The prices are also very reasonable. The only problem was deciding what NOT to buy!
Free gift much appreciated!

Mr A S 14.02.19

Many thanks for your excellent service. The plants arrived today and are already
planted. I am completely delighted with the plants and cannot wait for them to
get going. All the plants arrived safely and very quickly, extremely well packaged
and in perfect condition.
Thanks you very much, just wish I had a bigger pond and needed more

Mrs EJ July 2016

Hi David

Just to let you know that the plants have arrived safely thank you.

Wonderful service – thank you so much.

They all look fantastic!!

Mr K S 14.02.19

Hi David,

The plants arrived safe and sound this morning and they all look good. I will get on and plant them today. We will look forward to receiving the Water Lily next week.

Bernie and Charles July 2016

Hi David

Plants received yesterday morning lovely plants as usual.

Thank you.

Mrs TS Aug 2016

I was extremely impressed with the quality of the plants I ordered.

I was a little apprehensive about receiving my order, being a novice pond owner, but every plant was lovingly packaged and labelled so the actual planting of my new pond was easy and a real pleasure.

The plants themselves were fine specimens and have settled well into their new home, they had instant impact on my pond and are thriving. I am extremely pleased with all the information you gave me and would recommend you to everyone.

Jackie, Solstice Nurseries

Hi David,

Many thanks for the pond plants they arrived safely last night and were delivered today to the Beechgrove today, filming will be on the 17th of August.

We are delighted with the plants and your customer service, many thanks also for the advisory note I have passed it on, most helpful.

Mrs FR June 2016

I received the plants safe and sound today and looking well. I have planted them and in some cases was able to split them thanks to your generosity. I am sure they will do well and enhance our new garden.

Mrs MW Aug 2016

I have just planted the plants and am thrilled with the quality. All the plants had such healthy root systems.

Thank you.

Mr AL Aug 2016

Thank you for the excellent quality plants and service. Have now been put in, so should grow some more and settle down for the winter.

I am very pleased.

Mrs KI June 2016

Dear Mr Kerr the plants arrived in really good condition and I’m very impressed with the quality. Many thanks

Mr RT June 2016

The plants arrived safely this morning. They are very good quality and I am very pleased with them.

Mrs I J June 2016

My order has just been delivered. Thank you for your updates. Excellent service.

Mrs EG July 2016

Plants arrived yesterday, they are now potted up, in the pond and looking good many thanks for an excellent service.

Mr DE May 2016

Hello David,

Just to inform you, my package arrived this morning. All plants were in perfect condition, as they were the last time. Shame it wasn’t pleasant planting weather. Once again, thank you very much.

Mrs CT July 2016

Dear David

Just to let you know the plants have all arrived on time and in beautiful condition. Thank you so much for going that extra mile (or 30!) to get them here for today.

And so my day begins!

Mr JF June 2016

All arrived and planted – can I just say how good the root balls and condition of the plants were on receipt and thanks for the great service you have provided.

Mr JC May 2016

The plants arrived today Friday 20th at 9 AM and meet all expectations and even more than expected in reality.

My wife had them planted by 11AM and we are looking forward to have a nice big clump in the distant future. I will have no hesitation in ordering from you again and will recommend you to anyone who we know that is looking for these type of plants.

Mr RW June 2016

I confirm receipt of the plants. They were in good condition and well packaged. Quality exceeded my expectations.

Mrs S P June 2016

Thank you! My small pond pack arrived today – plants in perfect condition, and very generous. Can’t wait to get them in my pond! Baskets are a sensible shape and height too – often they are too tall and narrow, which topple over too easily. Very efficient service, accommodating my delivery date. Thank you once again.

Mrs N P May 2016

Just sending an update as requested. Plants arrived at around 10.30 this morning. Delighted at the quality of the plants and the service provided. Thank you. Will definitely be recommending your website to friends and family.

Ms JS June 2016

Great news, the new parcel arrived safely and in wonderful condition. Also arriving today was the original parcel. I’m very impressed with the packing, even after seven days at the mercy of the post several plants were still clinging on, though obviously the hornwort and frogbit had expired into sludge. The marsh marigold, pink cups and hemp agrimony had started to succumb but might rally still. Even so, still pretty amazing. A couple of major plant suppliers I’ve ordered off in the past could definitely take tips on getting their garden plants through the mail alive from you. As far as reviews go, the parcel you posted yesterday was brilliant. All the plants are glossy, green and healthy looking, full of vigour. The parcel was well packed with everything snug, protected and packaged without being squashed or risking drying out. The portions are very good, with it all having a good amount of roots on and a good bundle of foliage. The info labels are clear and easy to tell how deep or where to position and you’ve been a great help with any questions I’ve had regards the plants.As this is the first ever pond I’ve attempted it’s been really useful. I especially like being able to get native plants and the idea of packs tailored to the size of pond is great for a beginner like me who has no idea what to start with. Thank you very much for all your help and I look forward to my little attempt at a wildlife pond flourishing. Our garden might only be a miniscule courtyard with a large raised flowerbed and the pond originally a very big plant tub but hopefully it’ll attract lots of insects and frogs.

Mrs B J May 2016

Thanks for further info. All arrived efficiently by APC by 11.00 am.

Really lovely plants, beautifully packed. Couldn’t be more pleased!

Looking forward to sunny afternoon, planting.

So glad I came across your website, many thanks

Mrs A R June 2016

Parcel turned up bright and early, all in good shape and now unpacked as per instructions.

Entire service was more than satisfactory – I will certainly be using you again. Indeed I’d love to come and visit the nursery the next time I’m in the area if that would be all right?

With many thanks,

Mrs G P May 2016

Just to let you that I received the plants yesterday morning. All are
in excellent condition very clean and with strong root structures. I found the
advice on your website is really helpful. All are now planted up andin the pond.
Many thanks again for all your help.

Mr DL June 2016

I would just like to thankyou for all your help on my project below. Your plant advise has proven excellent & the quality of your plants supplied first class. With only a month passing all of the plants are already making a very pleasing display.

Mr RH June 2016

Just to let you know that the Irises that I ordered have arrived and I have to congratulate you on the quality of the plants and the careful packaging.

They are superb and I will be ordering any plants that I need for our pond from you in the future.


Your plants arrived safe and sound today thank you.
I was very impressed and surprised with both the size and quality of the plants, the packaging was excellent and the labelling informative.
I would certainly use you again and recommend you to friends and family.
Well done.

Mrs AG June 2016

Dear Mr Kerr,

Thank you very much for my order which arrived safely yesterday. I am delighted with the quality of the plants, which are very healthy looking and of good size. Everything was clearly labelled and beautifully packed. They are a vast improvement on plants I have previously received from other suppliers, and I won’t hesitate to place any further orders with you in the future. Thank you!

Steve Head (Coordinator of the Wildlife Gardening Forum June 2016

Dear David, I’m sorry to be so slow but have been overwhelmed with hassles over opposing the Natural History Museum’s daft plans to bulldoze its wildlife garden. The plants arrived safely – excellent packing, and I really appreciate the excellent planting and other information on your site. May I confirm what you said – that the plants are large, well grown and much more robust than other aquatics I have bought from larger concerns. I would like to thank you for the excellence of your service, and the wide range of plants you provide. I’m happy for you to quote me on any of this – you deserve good publicity

NB Architects May 2016

Many thanks, we have received the package yesterday and the plants went in last night.

An excellent informative service, which we have already recommended to our neighbours and friends.

thank you again.

Mrs D B May 2016

Thank you for my plants which arrived today {Wednesday}, they look fab and I will plant them tomorrow.

Mrs S W May 2016

My plants have arrived in perfect condition. I’m really pleased with them, thank you.

WGC Services – May 2016

Plants arrived this morning allowing me time to get them planted up for my customer and installed in pond, all really good healthy plants and I have a very happy customer.

Jon and Rachel – May 2016

Just to let you know the plants arrived safe and sound yesterday. All
were nicely packed and all looked good. We will order from you again.
Thank you again. We have recommended you.
Warm wishes

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