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Hydrocharis morsus-ranae (Frogbit)


Frogbit is a sweet little free floating plant with green lily-like leaves, white flowers and trailing roots.


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Marsilea mutica (Banded Water clover)


Marsilea mutica (banded water clover) is a sport of the water fern, or water four leaf clover, and has attractive light coloured marbling patterns on its floating leaves.

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Nuphar advenum (Spatterdock)


Nuphar advenum (Spatterdock) is the American species of brandy bottle, which has shovel shaped floating leaves and cabbagey underwater leaves. It has globe shaped yellow flowers which mature with splashes of red.

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Nuphar lutea pumila (Least lily)


Nuphar lutea pumila (Least lily) is a native dwarf form of Nuphar in which the yellow flowers are more numerous and are held well above the water.

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Trapa natans (Water chestnut)


Trapa natans (Water chestnut) is a floating plant native to Europe and is hardy in its overwintering nut form, but not in its green floating form; we are at the very northern limit of its natural spread.