These are perfect for small and shallow ponds and should be planted 20-40cm deep in 3 to 5 litre baskets. Will cover about 0.5 metre squared in 2 years.

Typically, small lilies become available a little later than larger types, generally early May onwards.

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Nymphaea Aurora

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Nymphaea Aurora is a small variable lily that has flowers which open yellow but become progressively darker to orange and pink.

Nymphaea Froebelii

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Nymphaea Froebelii is a lovely small lily with dark wine red flowers against dark green foliage often tinged with red.

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Nymphaea Indiana

From £21.90

Nymphaea Indiana is a small changeable cultivar with mottled foliage and flowers that open yellow and turn rusty orange.

Nymphaea Lemon Mist

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Nymphaea Lemon Mist has attractive green leaves often mottled and streaked with maroon, and clear pale lemon flowers.

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Nymphaea Little Sue

From £22.00

Nymphaea Little Sue is a small variety with variable pinkish yellow flowers and green leaves.