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A book by David Kerr: “Ponds, A practical guide to design, construction and planting”


A book by David Kerr: Ponds; A practical guide to design, construction and planting.

This book authored by David Kerr will tell you all you need to know about the design, construction and planting of ponds of all sizes. Crammed with useful information and plenty of helpful pictures, this guide will help you to avoid all the common and costly mistakes and create a successful and beautiful pond. Now in stock here and available from all the usual outlets, it can be ordered direct from this website. If you would like a signed copy please indicate this in the Notes box on the order form.

Please note, if you just want the book and are not ordering other items, you may get it cheaper via Amazon or other major online stores – they get discounts I can only dream of and I can’t even buy it at the price they can sell it for. I don’t know how that works!

ERRATA: Unfortunately since going to press we have uncovered two errors missed during the extensive proofing process. These will be corrected on books sent direct through my website but the publishers were unable to do so for books going through wholesalers. Page 98: Gratiola officinalis is not native to the UK, It is native to Northern Europe. Page 110: Juncus ensifolius is not native to the UK, it is native to Northern America. Both are introduced species which have become widely naturalised.

If you spot any others please do let me know. Nicely!

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