21st April 2021

Dear Customers

We have at last cleared the queue created over Easter and will re-open late on Friday

In the meantime the website will operate as a catalogue but you will be unable to place an order for now. We have plenty of plants, just no time, so don’t despair!

In order to retain some degree of sanity it may be necessary, if orders come in at an unsustainable rate, to close temporarily again, but we still have good stocks. We are just a small team working very long hours and can only do so much!

Best wishes

David and the team at Devon Pond Plants

Welcome to Devon Pond Plants

My nursery specialises in pond plants and those for watersides and other damp places. I send pond plants right across the UK through regular first class mail or by next day courier service, or plants can be collected from the nursery at any time by prior appointment. We are open for visits by appointment only in September, please use the contact form to request a visit giving your preferred weekday and time; we will then send confirmation and directions. PURCHASES MADE AT THE NURSERY ARE CASH ONLY, WE DO NOT CURRENTLY HAVE A CARD MACHINE.

pond plantsPlease do not confuse my plants with “plug” pond plants commonly offered, or indeed the shreds of plant material often sold mail order on sites like eBay. My pond plants for sale are well established overwintered plants, which are fully acclimatised to outdoor conditions, not forced on under greenhouse conditions. This means that at the beginning and end of the season they may not be “Chelsea” perfect but they will be tough and will be good doers. If purchased at least a month before their normal flowering period they can be expected to flower that year, except in the case of the smallest options for water lilies, which may take a season to establish before flowering. If they are purchased during their dormant period, generally a good time to buy, they may look downright ugly! Potted plants are often kept under cover in unheated conditions and generally look more attractive initially.

All delivery services are still under considerable pressure due to driver shortages, so please be aware that some parcels may be delayed. We always confirm dispatch on the day it happens so that you know when to expect delivery, but this is not a guarantee of next day delivery. APC parcels can be tracked, but not Royal Mail ones. Our plants are packed to last at least a week without deterioration so please do not contact us about delays until this time has passed, there is nothing we can do about it once they have left anyway. If you cannot accept up to a week transit time then please do not order.

If you don’t want us to send the plants when ready, please don’t place your order without contacting us first. Notes on the order regarding specific times or days when delivery can be accepted will be disregarded.

Pond plant advice

If you plan to buy pond plants from us, I am always happy to give free pond plant advice by email or telephone on the suitability of plants for your particular situation. Many websites offer completely unsuitable and invasive species, which can be a nightmare to control, especially if they escape into the wild environment. I offer an especially wide range of native plants for wild areas or situations where escape into the general environment is more likely. I can give the best advice if approached before work starts on the pond; frequently I could have helped to avoid common mistakes if asked sooner.


August update: Most plants are still available and we still have plenty of plants, though one or two lines are getting short or selling out.

All through the year there will be plants that will come and go, so it is unlikely that you will be able to purchase all your plants in one hit, though in May to July typically everything will be available subject to stock remaining. Our low carriage charge means that it will not be too painful to make several purchases at the optimum time of year for the plants concerned.

We prefer not to take pre-orders as it can all easily get too much to manage in the rush, the website will only allow you to order what we actually have at that moment. It is impractical for us to set aside scores of different orders for later despatch.

Happy water gardening, let’s hope for some more sun and warmth soon.


Pond plants gift voucher for the UK

Vouchers are available as gifts; there is no time limit on the use of vouchers, they can be purchased for any amount and they can be used for any product on the website, or refunded to the original purchaser if not required.

If you would like me to send a Devon Pond Plants voucher, simply pay the voucher value required using the appropriate combination of £100, £10, £1 and 10p payments.

The place to do this can be found here:

Put the name and address of the person you wish to receive the voucher in the Shipping Address box. There is no carriage charge on vouchers, I post them free of charge if you require it in a physical form for a gift, or I can email it as an e-voucher if you prefer. If you would like me to include a card, please add £2 and state the wording required in the Note box on the order.