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My nursery specialises in pond plants and those for watersides and other damp places.

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If you plan to buy pond plants from us, I am always happy to give free pond plant advice by email or telephone on the suitability of plants for your particular situation. 

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Our aquatic plants for sale are well established overwintered plants, which are fully acclimatised to outdoor conditions.

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I send aquatic plants right across the UK through regular first class mail or by next day courier service.

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David & Ruth

I am David Kerr and I have been a keen gardener and plantsman all my life. I have been growing and selling aquatic plants for over 30 years. I specialise in growing plants for ponds, watersides and other damp places and my main interest is in propagation. My deputy manager Ruth was previously a chartered landscape architect for many years, and is even better than me at visualising ponds and layouts.

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Advice, planting tips and lot’s more…

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Vouchers are available as gifts; there is no time limit on the use of vouchers, they can be purchased for any amount and they can be used for any product on the website, or refunded to the original purchaser if not required.

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Choosing the right plants

Important factors for consideration

Important factors to bear in mind are: the size, depth and location of the pond and your own personal gardening style. The single most common problem I come across is ponds with no shelves, or shelves that are far too deep. The vast majority of marginal plants like to be covered by no more than a few centimetres of water; 1cm is far better than 15cm in most cases. Similarly, many people seem to think that water lilies need to be a metre deep or more; in fact most prefer half that depth.

Die-hard environmentalists will wish to use only native plants; at the other end of the spectrum a jungly tropical look can be achieved in mild areas or if some plants can be given winter protection. There is absolutely no sound ecological reason not to use some non-native plants if you like them. They all provide habitat, nectar and food. I do not sell any invasive non-native plants and never have done. Some of the native ones can be invasive and I clearly state this in the plant description.

If you are a beginner you could select one of my pond packs; these contain a nice variety of problem-free, non-invasive plants to give interest throughout the season and include the baskets. If you don’t need baskets then you can choose accordingly.

The most common mistakes are: using plants that are too vigorous for the size of the pond, or placing the plant in a situation that is too wet or not wet enough for it, usually the former. Most plants will be happy in permanently moist soil but many moisture loving plants resent standing in water permanently, though they may be ok during the main period of growth in summer.

We are happy to discuss your particular situation in detail and advise on the most suitable plants; there is absolutely no obligation. The best way to do this is on the telephone, as it is very time consuming for me to type out reams of different possibilities on email. I do ask that you phone me please. Brief email queries will be answered promptly.

Selection Filters

Our selector will help you buy pond plants, please try this feature, just click on the characteristic you are looking for and the website will make suggestions…

Customer Reviews

What Our Customers Say

Mr A B 19th March 2020

Just to confirm the order arrived safely and all the plants are fine.
Thank you, they are so much better than the selections at local retailers.

Mr W J – 13th January 2022

Hi David,

The plants arrived yesterday nicely packaged. The plants are great, well rooted, and ready to get going when spring arrives. Thanks again.

Kind regards

Mrs G P May 2016

Just to let you that I received the plants yesterday morning. All are
in excellent condition very clean and with strong root structures. I found the
advice on your website is really helpful. All are now planted up andin the pond.
Many thanks again for all your help.

Ms L L 17th April 2020

Thank you so much for despatching the plants so quickly, particularly when you are so busy, and in such excellent condition. They arrived safely yesterday, but I was then too busy planting them to get back to you immediately.
All are now safely in our new pond and bog garden, and today’s rain is helping them to settle in. Thank you again for such wonderful service, and an excellently written and personal website. I will be in touch again when we start on the next bog garden.
Best wishes

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