These suit the majority of garden ponds and should be planted 30-50cm deep in 3 to 10 litre baskets. Will cover about 1 metre squared in 2 years. Generally available from early April onwards.

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Nuphar advenum (Spatterdock)

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Nuphar advenum (Spatterdock) is the American species of brandy bottle, which has shovel shaped floating leaves and cabbagey underwater leaves. It has globe shaped yellow flowers which mature with splashes of red.

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Nuphar lutea pumila (Least lily)

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Nuphar lutea pumila (Least lily) is a native dwarf form of Nuphar in which the yellow flowers are more numerous and are held well above the water.

Nymphaea Albatross

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Nymphaea Albatross has leaves which are reddish purple when young but green when mature; the flowers are clear white.

Nymphaea Arc en Ciel

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Nymphaea Arc en ciel has large D shaped leaves splashed with streaks of red, pink, white and yellow. The flowers are white with a touch of pink and sometimes have a sweet smell.

Nymphaea Black Princess

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Nymphaea Black Princess has flowers of deep red/purple, almost black, and the petals are slightly incurved. Flowers are quite freely produced and are set off well against the dark green leaves.

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Nymphaea Comanche

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Nymphaea Comanche is a variable flowering medium lily with flowers that open a rusty yellow but gradually turn pinkish bronze.

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Nymphaea Florida Sunset

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Nymphaea Florida Sunset is a choice variety with yellow centred flowers surrounded by peach and salmon petals.