There appears to be a lot of confusion regarding the best choice of lilies, so for 2018 I have re-designed my water lily pages to display a size based format, i.e. first you choose the type of lily based on the size it will eventually grow to, and then select by colour or variety. The size categories for named varieties are Pygmy, Small, Medium and Large and their characteristics are explained below and on the listing pages. Depths given are from the crown of the plant (usually this is the same as the top of the basket) to water level. Budget lilies are categorised separately.

My lilies are sent bare root as standard between April and August. Pygmy lilies are taken out of 1 or sometimes 2 litre pots. Budget lilies come as a choice of 1 litre or 3 litre equivalent size, and all the rest are equivalent 3 litre size. I can send lilies established and rooted in pots; since they are heavy and fragile the cost will be higher.

I am often asked for large and mature specimens and I do keep some in 30 litre pots for instant impact. They weigh 60-70kg each and so can only be delivered on pallets, this only makes economic sense if you need quite a number. Mostly you would be better off buying standard sized plants and potting on into bigger pots at your end. Delayed gratification! Irrespective of their final size, ALL small to large type water lilies are best started off in a shallow, warm location, no more than 40cm deep, until roots are observed growing through the sides of the mesh pot. They can then be moved to their final location at a depth corresponding to the range stated on their description.

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Nuphar advenum (Spatterdock)

From £15.90

Nuphar advenum (Spatterdock) is the American species of brandy bottle, which has shovel shaped floating leaves and cabbagey underwater leaves. It has globe shaped yellow flowers which mature with splashes of red.

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Nuphar lutea pumila (Least lily)

From £7.90

Nuphar lutea pumila (Least lily) is a native dwarf form of Nuphar in which the yellow flowers are more numerous and are held well above the water.

Nymphaea Albatross

From £12.90

Nymphaea Albatross has leaves which are reddish purple when young but green when mature; the flowers are clear white.

Nymphaea Arc en Ciel

From £19.90

Nymphaea Arc en ciel has large D shaped leaves splashed with streaks of red, pink, white and yellow. The flowers are white with a touch of pink and sometimes have a sweet smell.


Nymphaea Aurora

From £17.90

Nymphaea Aurora is a small variable lily that has flowers which open yellow but become progressively darker to orange and pink.