These are big varieties suitable for naturalising in earth bottomed ponds and lakes or large 25-40 litre baskets in big liner ponds. Suitable for 60-100cm depth and will cover 2-3 metres squared in 2 years. Once they have built up a large bulk of rhizome, they can cope with a little greater depth, but of course by then you won’t be able to move them…..

Generally available mid March to September.

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Nymphaea Colonel AJ Welch


Nymphaea Colonel AJ Welch has canary yellow flowers, foliage is prolific but flowers not so much.

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Nymphaea Colorado


Nymphaea Colorado is a medium to large sized variety which has salmon pink flowers.

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Nymphaea Colossea


Nymphaea Colossea is a large variety producing very large leaves and white flowers slightly tinged pink.