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Nymphaea Pygmaea helvola

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Nymphaea Pygmaea helvola is the tiniest of all hardy water lilies, the foliage is beautifully marbled and mottled and the flowers are pale yellow.

Nymphaea Rose Arey

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Nymphaea Rose Arey has rose pink stellate flowers and slightly incurving petals. Foliage is green with red veins.

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Nymphaea Sioux

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Nymphaea Sioux is a small to medium changeable lily with green foliage and flowers that open yellow and slowly change to copper.

Nymphaea Solfatare

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Nymphaea Solfatare is a variable lily whose yellow flowers change through copper to red over the period that they are open.

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Nymphaea Sunny Pink

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Nymphaea Sunny Pink is a strong and compact lily; the flowers are pink with a yellow centre, and the leaves strongly marbled and veined with maroon on green.

Nymphaea Sunrise

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Nymphaea Sunrise is best suited to a very warm location, the flowers are canary yellow and stand well above the water..