Anemopsis californicum (Apache Beads, Yerba Mansa)

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Anemopsis californicum (Apache beads) has an unusual cone type white flower splashed with red in mid to late summer and scented leaves.

Anemopsis californicum (Apache Beads) is an unusual plant, the only member of its species and related to lizard’s tail (Saururus). It has oval green leaves often splashed with red, and these are aromatic, smelling of orange peel and honey. It grows long runners like a strawberry plant on which new plants form. Flowers are similar to a coneflower with a central cone surrounded by white bracts/petals which age to red in a most attractive way. Anemopsis californicum is late flowering, always a useful trait.

Plant max height CM Planting depth cm Flowering from month Flowering to month Availability from month Availability to month
30 0-5 6 9 3 10


From April to August, single bare root plants or single P9 pots will not be available mail order. Multiples of x 10 bare root plants, packs of three P9 pots and various larger potted options will be available all year subject to seasonality.

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