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Juncus effusus (Soft rush)


Juncus effusus (Soft rush): This native rush is fast growing and invasive, but is good where dense cover is required for large wildlife ponds. It stays largely green over winter but is not technically evergreen, however I have classified it as such for information only.

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Juncus effusus Gold Strike


Juncus effusus Gold Strike is a rare sport of the native soft rush, which has occasional gold coloured leaves, giving an attractive highlight.

Justicia americana (American water willow)


Justicia americana (American water willow) is a little known plant from America; airy stems with small willow like leaves develop exquisite pink/lavender and white mottled orchid-like flowers in midsummer. I can hardly propagate enough of it and it often sells out early in the season. Only available in small numbers. Great for the smaller pool.

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Ligularia Britt Marie Crawford


Ligularia dentata “Britt Marie Crawford” has strong purple colouration on the stems and upper and lower sides of the rounded leaves. Orange daisy flowers complement and contrast with them.