Pick and Mix P9 Pots (x10)


Pick and Mix P9 pots are self selected packs of nine plants rooted in P9 pots.

Please select exactly nine from the list below

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Pick and Mix P9 pots allow the customer to purchase a selection of single P9 pots of a wide range of marginal plants of their choice, rather than in threes or fixed packs. (During the busiest part of the season we do not offer single P9 pots “a la carte” other than as these packs of nine.) Multiple packs of the same contents can be purchased, though if you need three or more of the same species it is more economic to buy from the main listings. Additional packs with different contents can of course be purchased too.

A few of the options carry a small price premium and this is clearly shown next to the name of the plant.

Plants are supplied as a fully rooted flowering size P9 pot and will need to be transplanted into larger pots or direct into the pond base as appropriate.

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