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Welcome to my Spring blog, at last the rain is getting warmer, there is new growth everywhere and it isn’t so hard to motivate ourselves. The changes that we have made to our mail order catalogue have allowed us a little more sanity over Easter and now the nursery is quite shipshape. A lot of customers have made it out to see us and it’s really good to see both old faces and new.

Just a reminder for those lucky enough to be within striking distance, prices for potted plants and heavy goods are considerably lower at the nursery as we don’t have to spend ages packing them to withstand the couriers’ attentions. You will also find a lot of plants at the nursery that aren’t available through the website for mail order, together with a wider range of size options. We have now stopped sending out certain fragile and tall plants by mail order as the cost of labour and packaging for these has become unsustainable; they can now only be bought on site.

For those living further afield, we haven’t abandoned you and have several new options this year. Firstly, there are our new Pick and Mix options, allowing you to select one each of a wide range of plants either bare root or in P9 pots. We have also added to our Pond Pack ranges and there is one to suit everybody. If you are new to pond keeping, we have done all the work for you and picked plants that are easy, non- invasive and good for wildlife. Why not use a Pond Pack as the basis for your scheme and add a few selected plants chosen a la carte? Many smaller potted plants are discounted generously when purchased in threes, since it costs us little more to send three than one and sadly the packing and postage costs now exceed the value of many plants if purchased singly. Don’t forget that we pay the carriage on orders over £75 too. Everyone knows that there is no such thing as “free postage” but everyone expects it just the same!

This year, thanks to some excellent work from our web guy Jamie we have launched our own shiny Instagram account and YouTube channel (youtube.com/@DevonPondPlants) and we will regularly add new content and tutorials so please remember to press the subscribe button! We are greenhorns at this so please excuse the amateur presentation, I’m sure we will get better at it with practice! Do check us out at Devon Pond Plants.

We get regular requests from customers building natural swimming ponds and would encourage anyone planning one to contact us at an early stage for the best advice without obligation. So often we are asked when it is too late to make simple changes that would save a lot of problems later on. The same applies to any other large projects and we are happy to provide bespoke quotations for large plant orders.

As ever, if you’re unsure of anything or need help, please get in touch.

Yours truly
The Dream team at Devon Pond Plants

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