Kingcup, Caltha palustris var palustris and the graceful foliage of Iris virginica 'Pink Perfection' bringing a welcome splash of early colour to our display pond

Spring Update 2024

Hello everybody; we have enjoyed some “interesting” weather this winter, our polytunnels have been damaged and re-covered due to the gales, we have been inundated with the most rain on record and the temperatures have been unseasonably high. Every year the orders seem to come earlier and earlier, and we have had a record February […]

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Autumn/Winter Update 2023

Welcome to our late autumn blog. After a very warm autumn the heavens have opened, and everything here is absolutely waterlogged. Several late summer and autumn pond construction projects have been delayed, which has meant that the scheduled planting has not taken place. However, we strongly recommend not buying any bare rooted plants in December,

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Summer Update 2023

Welcome to my blog; after a gloriously rainy week – a respite from outdoor watering for a while – our plants are all breathing a sigh of relief. Our ponds had dropped noticeably in the last few dry weeks and some plants were beginning to show signs of stress. Marginal plants are of course adapted

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Spring Update 2023

Hello everyone Just a few words this time to say how much we have enjoyed welcoming customers back to our nursery. Thursdays and Fridays have been quite busy (though thankfully not the madness of the past two years) and plants are beginning to perk up after the decidedly cool spring. Some varieties aren’t available by

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Spring Blog 2023

Welcome to my Spring blog, at last the rain is getting warmer, there is new growth everywhere and it isn’t so hard to motivate ourselves. The changes that we have made to our mail order catalogue have allowed us a little more sanity over Easter and now the nursery is quite shipshape. A lot of

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Winter Blog 2022

Welcome to our winter blog. After the very mild autumn a lot of our plants have started to think it is Spring and have put on a new spurt of growth, but don’t be fooled. Any new growth made at this time of year is likely to be lost the moment we have a half

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The calm after the storm

Hello everybody; we have enjoyed some interesting weather this week but thankfully no major damage, just a few unwelcome extra repair jobs to do. On the plus side, temperatures have been mild and there are now the first signs of new growth on some plants. Every year the orders seem to come earlier and earlier,

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