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Nymphaea Aurora

From £17.90

Nymphaea Aurora is a small variable lily that has flowers which open yellow but become progressively darker to orange and pink.

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Nymphaea Catchwater Dream

From £16.90

Nymphaea Catchwater Dream is a choice variety with prolific flowers starting peach and maturing to a grapefruit pink.

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Nymphaea Indiana

From £21.90

Nymphaea Indiana is a small changeable cultivar with mottled foliage and flowers that open yellow and turn rusty orange.

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Nymphaea Little Sue

From £22.00

Nymphaea Little Sue is a small variety with variable pinkish yellow flowers and green leaves.

Nymphaea Paul Hariot

From £22.90

Nymphaea Paul Hariot is a changeable lily with maroon spotted green leaves and flowers that open apricot and darken to peach.

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Nymphaea Sioux

From £28.90

Nymphaea Sioux is a small to medium changeable lily with green foliage and flowers that open yellow and slowly change to copper.

Nymphaea Solfatare

From £17.90

Nymphaea Solfatare is a variable lily whose yellow flowers change through copper to red over the period that they are open.