Menyanthes trifoliata (Bog bean)

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Menyanthes trifoliata (Bog bean) is a vigorous creeping native plant with strong horizontal tubers and exquisite white flowers.


Menyanthes trifoliata (Bog bean) is an indispensable, vigorous creeping native plant with strong floating horizontal tubers firmly anchored by trailing roots. The leaves have three segments and the white flowers are exquisite in detail and lightly scented. It is an excellent plant for providing surface cover, habitat for invertebrates, food for pollinators and reinforcing loose banks.

Its long trailing habit makes it awkward to keep in pots, so these aren’t often available, but it’s ever so easy to establish anywhere just by trapping the roots under a basket or stone.

Plant max height CM Planting depth cm Flowering from month Flowering to month Availability from month Availability to month
20 0-20 4 6 3 10

1 x bare root, 3 x bare root, 10 x bare root, 1 x P9 pot, 3 x P9 pot, 1 x 1 litre pot, 3 x 1 litre pot, 1 x 2 litre pot, 1 x 3 litre pot, 1 x 3.5 litre pot


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