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Calla palustris (Bog arum)


Calla palustris (Bog arum) is a creeping native plant with dark green leaves and small white, arum like flowers followed by bright red berries.

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Mentha aquatica (Water mint)


Mentha aquatica (Water mint) is a well known native plant, excellent for wildlife ponds for its nectar and scrambling habit.

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Nuphar advenum (Spatterdock)


Nuphar advenum (Spatterdock) is the American species of brandy bottle, which has shovel shaped floating leaves and cabbagey underwater leaves. It has globe shaped yellow flowers which mature with splashes of red.

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Nuphar lutea pumila (Least lily)


Nuphar lutea pumila (Least lily) is a native dwarf form of Nuphar in which the yellow flowers are more numerous and are held well above the water.