Potted Oxygenator Pack

Potted oxygenating plants ready for immediate placement in four options

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New for 2023, this ready potted Oxygenator Pack is available in four options. Oxygenators are strongly seasonal and these packs will vary in contents throughout the year. Where possible we will send native oxygenators, but at certain times these are scarce and non-native oxygenators may be supplied. Please do not purchase these packs for planting natural ponds or watercourses but purchase selected native potted oxygenators when available.

The photo illustration indicates the range from which the plants will be chosen, not all plants illustrated are included in all packs but will vary seasonally and with pack size.


6 x P9 potted oxygenators, 3 x 1 litre potted oxygenators, 6 x 1 litre potted oxygenators, 1 x 8 litre planted contour basket of oxygenators

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