Mr J G 13th May 2021

Hi David

Thank you very much for the delivery of plants, earlier than expected.

I really want to tell you how impressed we are.

The quality of the plants are far and beyond anything we’ve seen from any previous vendors. We’ve experienced the “scraps of vegetation” type through to some reputable big garden brands offering pond plants. Nothing comes close.

I know you are extremely busy at the moment so I don’t expect you to remember our previous photos or phone call, but our little project was to convert one end of our pond that had been filled in with pebbles forming a beach -supposedly ornamental but unattractive and sterile, in my view.

Anyway, we were inspired by your “Happy Bog Plant” drawing, and have created our own little mini-bog – about 4 sq m.

Take a look at the photos and you will see the bog plants from your pack all settling in and starting to thrive already. We are so pleased, and excited to watch this develop further in the coming weeks.

Thank you & your team so much.

Kind regards
JG 13.05.21

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