MR P F – 2 March 2024

Hi David,

The plants were delivered yesterday afternoon and I managed, despite the heavy rain, to plant all 40 of them before nightfall! You kindly warned me that some of plants at this time of year would be in their dormant stage and to expect some brown or yellow leaves and that their “kerb appeal would be low”. To my delight all the plants were in an excellent condition with no discoloured leaves in sight. All the dormant plants had good root structure. In summary the “pond side appeal”was great!

I also appreciated the very informative labels which came with the plants. The planting itself was greatly assisted by the excellent information and advice you have provided, both on your website and in your superb book.

Communication, ordering, packaging and delivery were all straight forward, prompt and efficient. Devon Pond Plants have provided me with a wonderful service. I am now hoping the spring weather will be as good.

Many thanks,


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