Mrs KS 31.03.19

Dear David
Thank you for fulfilling my recent order. The plants arrived in peak condition, perfectly safe in their packs as usual: you really have got it down to a fine art!
They are planted in my new pond and getting their growth organised in their new situation. Thanks for the handy planting tips on your website: Potentilla palustris is a bit baffling to know how to plant but hopefully it will take successfully.
The plants I bought from you for my other pond last year have responded in surprising ways to their new home: given your warning about the ‘picky’ habitat preferences of Fontinalis antpyretica I had accepted that it may not survive in my pond. I was completely wrong as it absolutely loves it and bloomed into huge cushion-like colonies occupying a high percentage of the water volume. Similarly, a tiny stray wisp of milfoil that happened to arrive clinging to a bit of newspaper, so I tossed it in anyway, is now the dominant oxygenator. Hippuris vulgaris abandoned the shallow margins where I planted it and set off happily for deep water. Amphibious bistort absolutely hated my pond and died forthwith. Never a dull moment! Many thanks for supplying the best water plants out there. I wouldn’t buy from anyone else.

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