Ms JS June 2016

Great news, the new parcel arrived safely and in wonderful condition. Also arriving today was the original parcel. I’m very impressed with the packing, even after seven days at the mercy of the post several plants were still clinging on, though obviously the hornwort and frogbit had expired into sludge. The marsh marigold, pink cups and hemp agrimony had started to succumb but might rally still. Even so, still pretty amazing. A couple of major plant suppliers I’ve ordered off in the past could definitely take tips on getting their garden plants through the mail alive from you. As far as reviews go, the parcel you posted yesterday was brilliant. All the plants are glossy, green and healthy looking, full of vigour. The parcel was well packed with everything snug, protected and packaged without being squashed or risking drying out. The portions are very good, with it all having a good amount of roots on and a good bundle of foliage. The info labels are clear and easy to tell how deep or where to position and you’ve been a great help with any questions I’ve had regards the plants.As this is the first ever pond I’ve attempted it’s been really useful. I especially like being able to get native plants and the idea of packs tailored to the size of pond is great for a beginner like me who has no idea what to start with. Thank you very much for all your help and I look forward to my little attempt at a wildlife pond flourishing. Our garden might only be a miniscule courtyard with a large raised flowerbed and the pond originally a very big plant tub but hopefully it’ll attract lots of insects and frogs.

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