The following is a list of our reduced price pond plants which are currently available to buy online:

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Iris versicolor Regal Surprise

From £5.00£4.00

Iris versicolor Regal Surprise is a strong and tall Iris with broad petals of amethyst purple with yellow throat markings and lighter purple standards.


Nymphaea Hermine

From £8.00

Nymphaea Hermine has mid green leaves and white flowers, quite prolific in growth and suitable for medium or large ponds.


Nymphaea Marliacea Flammea

From £19.00£16.00

Nymphaea Marliacea Flammea has purple-red flowers with deep red stamens and a hint of white at the petal tips, and brown marbled leaves.


Nymphaea Perrys Baby Red

From £19.00£12.50

Nymphaea Perrys Baby Red is the most popular small lily that I sell.  It’s a compact variety with dark red flowers and dark green leaves.


Nymphaea Rose Arey

From £8.00

Nymphaea Rose Arey has rose pink stellate flowers and slightly incurving petals. Foliage is green with red veins.


Nymphaea Sunrise

From £6.00

Nymphaea Sunrise is best suited to a very warm location, the flowers are canary yellow and stand well above the water..


Nymphaea Wanvisa

From £9.00

Nymphaea Wanvisa has strong orangey pink flowers, sometimes part or exactly half yellow, and dark heavily mottled foliage.