Iris laevigata Mottled Beauty

Iris laevigata Mottled Beauty has flowers of a white background variably splashed with blue.

Iris laevigata Mottled Beauty is another beautiful cultivar with variable speckles and blotches of blue on the six white petals. It has narrower leaves than the species and can be slow to bulk up. I suspect that this variety is actually derived from seed grown plants from Colchesteri or Albopurpurea.

Plant max height CM Planting depth cm Flowering from month Flowering to month Availability from month Availability to month
50 0-10 5 6 4 9


From April to August this plant will only be available mail order in x 10 bare root packs subject to seasonality and stock. It is also available at the nursery in various potted options.


1 x bare root, 3 x bare root, 10 x bare root, 1 x 1 Litre pot, 3 x 1 Litre Pot, 1 x 2 litre pot, 1 x 3 litre pot


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