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The large pond pack suits ponds up to 50 square metres, details below.

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The large pond pack is suitable for earth ponds up to 50 square metres, maximum depth 60cm and shelves up to 20cm deep. No baskets are included, since this is intended for larger earth bottomed ponds, but if baskets are required you can find them under Baskets and Sundries.

Plants provided will be bare root ones as described on the ordering and delivery page.

This selection will give good wildlife habitat and an interesting mix of foliage and flowers over a long season from March to December, after this plants will be dormant until the next season.

Only the Pontederia is non native, we include this primarily to give late season colour and foliage. Its nectar is popular with bees too, at a time when all the native plants have finished flowering. It is non invasive with an extremely low risk of escaping from its immediate surroundings. Should you wish for native plants only we can amend the contents to the same value. If one or more products are unavailable we reserve the right to provide native substitutes to the same value.

In very early and late season the oxygenator components may be substituted with winter growing Callitriche.


  • 5 Acorus calamus (Sweet rush)
  • 5 Alisma plantago (Water Plantain)
  • 5 Caltha palustris (Marsh marigold)
  • 7 Cyperus longus (Sweet galingale)
  • 5 Eriophorum angustifolium (Cotton grass)
  • 7 Iris pseudacorus (Yellow flag)
  • 5 Lythrum salicaria (Purple loosestrife)
  • 5 Mentha aquatica (Water mint)
  • 5 Menyanthes trifoliata (Bog bean)
  • 5 Persicaria amphibia (Amphibious bistort)
  • 7 Pontederia cordata mixed (Pickerel weed)
  • 5 Potentilla palustris (Marsh cinquefoil)
  • 5 Ranunculus flammula (Lesser spearwort)
  • 20 Mixed seasonal native oxygenator, may include some or all of the following: Callitriche, Ceratophyllum, Hippuris, Myriophyllum, Ranunculus
  • 5 Stratiotes aloides (Water soldiers)














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