Sagittaria sagittifolia (Arrowhead )

Sagittaria sagittifolia is our native arrowhead, with black centred flowers, less invasive than the others.

Sagittaria sagittifolia is our native arrowhead, with black centred flowers, smaller and less invasive than the others and recommended for wildlife ponds. Sagittarias have quite a short growing season, typically May to September, and outside this period will be supplied as the resting turions, which look like tiny striped green acorns. Shoots on these are fragile so handle carefully. They prefer deep mud in shallow water and can be hard to keep well in mesh pots, as the new turions forming on the ends of the roots tend to get jammed in the meshes or form outside the pot. My advice is to use completely submerged large pots with solid sides for best results. Every year new plants grow from the tiny turions, form mature plants, which make more turions and then die off and do not regrow, so you will never get large multi-season plants. If you have ducks or other waterfowl visiting, save your money, because they will trash Sagittaria in no time.

Plant max height CM Planting depth cm Flowering from month Flowering to month Availability from month Availability to month
60 10-20 6 9 5 8


From April to August, single bare root plants or single P9 pots will not be available mail order. Multiples of x 10 bare root plants and various larger potted options may be available all year subject to seasonality.


1 x bare root, 3 x bare root, 10 x bare root, 1 x P9 pot, 3 x P9 pot, 1 x 1 litre pot, 3 x 1 litre pot, 1 x 2 litre pot, 1 x 3 litre pot, 1 x 3.5 litre pot


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