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Nymphaea Pygmaea alba


Nymphaea Pygmaea alba has yellow centred white flowers. Only suitable for very shallow and warm water.

Nymphaea Pygmaea helvola


Nymphaea Pygmaea helvola is the tiniest of all hardy water lilies, the foliage is beautifully marbled and mottled and the flowers are pale yellow.

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Nymphaea Rene Gerard


Nymphaea Rene Gerard has wine red flowers, sometimes splashed with crimson, and green leaves.

Nymphaea Rose Arey


Nymphaea Rose Arey has rose pink stellate flowers and slightly incurving petals. Foliage is green with red veins.

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Nymphaea Sioux


Nymphaea Sioux is a small to medium changeable lily with green foliage and flowers that open yellow and slowly change to copper.

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Nymphaea Snow Princess


Nymphaea Snow Princess is a modern variety with a good number of small snow white flowers.

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Nymphaea Solfatare


Nymphaea Solfatare is a variable lily whose yellow flowers change through copper to red over the period that they are open.

Nymphaea Sunny Pink


Nymphaea Sunny Pink is a strong and compact lily; the flowers are pink with a yellow centre, and the leaves strongly marbled and veined with maroon on green.

Nymphaea Sunrise


Nymphaea Sunrise is best suited to a very warm location, the flowers are canary yellow and stand well above the water..

Nymphaea Vesuve


Nymphaea Vesuve has rounded dark green leaves and bright red scented flowers with lighter margins.