Oxygenator of the week (native)

Our selection of the best looking native oxygenators available.

Oxygenator of the week is a new option that has been enabled to allow at least some oxygenators to be bought at times when they are scarce. Oxygenators are strongly seasonal and it is always difficult to predict when they will be of high enough quality to sell and when they will start to go over. Oxygenator of the week will allow us to select whichever is looking best on the day of dispatch. You can order in multiples of five bunches at most times in the year, and during the main season April to August there may be discounted quantities available too. The pictures are for illustration only, we may send any native oxygenator as follows:

Callitriche sp, Ceratophyllum sp, Hippuris vulgaris, Myriophyllum spicatum, Myriophyllum verticillatum, Ranunculus aquatilis, Ranunculus hederaceus

We regret that we cannot advise in advance which will be included as this depends on seasonality and availability on the day.

We will not include non native species.



3 bunches, 5 bunches, 10 bunches, 50 bunches, 100 bunches

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